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  1. Hi all...

    this is my first grow and until now, they are 3 weeks old, no problems whatsoever just minor overfert due to fertilized soil growing indoors with 250w hps, have an rvk for air extraction 220 m3/h and a fan blowing the plants some chill...

    about 2 days ago I aplied neem to prevent any bugs infesting my babies and 8 hours from that, my blueberry started to show some burning i think ... the leaves have yellow spots curling on the outside and one big leave is almost yellow... im freaking out because i gave them the right dosage and didnt even sprayed too much i think.... but i sprayed the neem in the day hours and the lamps were 23cm (9 inch) away from the top of the plants... yesterday i raised the lamps to 35 cm (13 inch)....

    is this light bleaching or heat stress? is she going to make it ??? i heard blueberry from dp hermate very easily and i dont even wana think about that :(

    first pic: two days ago (20 dec)
    last 2 pics: yesterday (22 dec)

    pls help guys i was really looking forward to grow this one nicely !

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  2. please guys help its spreading to the other plants as well :S i dunno what to do ... i wanted to LST them but i dont know if it will stress them more ...
  3. you think it is a nute burn due to the soil ??? ... the white kush was having minor overfert but this yellowing seems like its not the same as the nute burn ... i havent fertelized yet...
  4. Growers get very fussy over what they grown least I do, my own experience indicates to me, the more you spend on soils the worst yield you get, as the soil sellers put so much crap in there, meaning long term ferts, and chemicals that when comes time for you to feed the plants, it is so easy to over fert the plants.
    Remember the guy at the factory don't give to fucks, to much this or to much that he don't care, for this reason I prefer low to mid range soils, that if you find a good one stay with it.
    Consider the fine art of foilar feeding, at 1 teaspoon to a pint of water of general organic seeweed food.

  5. I have been reading up on foilar feeding. What are the benefits of it and when is a good idea to do it? Do you substitute it for feeding with nutes through water? Ive got a real bad yellowing in some clones I got recently and was thinking of trying it

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