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neeed help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4smoke2daynite0, May 21, 2010.

  1. Alright, so i am going to an event with my friends. It is run by my school and im bringing a quarter along with me. My idea was to put it in my spare shoes inside my bag, then put it in my friends car. There has been smoking going on in my class and since people have been caught administration is all up our asses with bag checks and dog searches,almost every week. I graduate tomarrow and saturday will be an event. Would the dogs be able to smell it out if i double bagged, put in my shoe inside my bag, in my friends car? Or maybe you guys could help me think of a better idea..
  2. your going to be graduated, meaning free, and your gonna go kick it with a bunch of school dwelling teachers and follow their rules.....fuuuuck that

  3. yess..but police you kind of have to follow their rules if i get caught..

  4. and we have to go its mandatory
  5. hahahah you mean its NOT mandatory, once that diploma hits your hand, what are they gonna do, take it away, oh wait, they totally CANT hahahahahhhahahahaa

  6. Rofl so true. But honestly, just follow through with your plan if you're going. Fuck the administration. Up the ass.

  7. hey kid how about u shut the fuck up i think i know what im doing its my school tht I GO TO not you prick so dont act like u know everything arrogent asshole
  8. My, my, aren't we kind to each other...

  9. HAHA bro, leave the city, we don't like little angered children here.

  10. why dont you stop being so offensive?

    no need to:
    1. tell him to shut the fuck up (we are on a forum, anyone can type anything they want) him a prick and an arrogant asshole (take a look at yourself)

    His advice is somewhat good, when you have that diploma in your hand, do whatever the hell you want.

    And im curious to why you would put a SHOE in your bag with the dope?

    Easy solution get an AIR tight container or package and double it up, should solve your problem.

  11. im stayin at his place so i got another pair, and hes acting like he knows every detail about MY school
  12. Kid is PMSing
  13. i hope you get caught

    OP seems like an idiot
  14. #14 lilro, May 21, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 21, 2010
    The only detail that we really need to know is if the event is before or after graduation. If it's after, then you don't NEED to go. There is no law saying you need to go. Unless you're on parole/probo or this event is a court date/jail time. The school can't break the law and hold you against your will. There's no need to get so upset. You said you need help and he helped..If there's details that prevent that, then you need to say them. Or you won't get help.

    Tell us what makes it mandatory.
  15. awww you guys this dude is super cereal he like totally want to bring weed to his color guard competiton but they totally wont leeeet hime this is really really cereal situation:mad:

  16. ^this...op...dont flip out for someone telling you the truth...regardless of your school...once you graduate, you no longer have to have any affiliation with might be scared there will be reprecussions, but there wont be. i had somthing like that after i graduated and i told them i would not go once i had my diploma, they said they were going to take my dioloma back, i replied and i quote"the fuck you are hahaha" turned around and left...and guess what happened...nothing because they have no authority over you after your graduate...dont go to the stupid fuckin school event and smoke a blunt with your friends so you wont have to worry about police dogs and relax instead of cursing at people who give you correct information.

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