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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by plasticperson32, May 12, 2010.

  1. This one plant i have has the leaves that are starting to get really screwed up and it seems to be spreading to the other plants? please help

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  2. What Kind of Soil Are you using? Have you Been Letting them dry out enough? Have you been Phing Ur water? Have You Been add Nutes To Ur water?
  3. some details would be good. are you feeding them? what ppm? could be nute burn.
  4. i used a mix of top soil peatmoss and organic potting soil. i have 20 plants and this is the only one that has done this. im just scared if its a mold or something that it went to other plants and no nutes. and i only water when they are dry so idk what it is?
  5. I would say may be Cheap Organic potting soil not much Nutes with in it! But since it only one i wait and see if any other start doing it. When you transplant try and get some GOOD potting soil Like Root's Organic ,Fox Farm ,Black gold ( Add perlite to them to help Make sure you don't get root rot). When buying soil remember you get what you pay for!! If the yellowing start to spread i try feed a little Nute's maybe 1/4 strength to even less just to keep them happy till you transplant again!

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