Needs Versus Wants

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    Is there really any difference between Needs and Wants?

    Sure, people can say we need food, water, and security to survive... but who says you have to survive? Don't you simply just want to survive? You are perfectly free to starve to death... it's only if you want to live do you need food and water. So, to say society owes you food and water is merely a delusion you've created to justify your desire to live.

    On the other hand, no one can tell you that you do not need a Mansion. If you only want water, then who is to say that your Mansion is not a necessity to your state of existence? Needs and Wants are only an Illusion.

    I imagine you are thinking this thread sounds crazy... and I agree... but if there is no Logical way to draw a line between Needs and Want, why do we persist in our delusions? That line sure seems real. :wave:

    -Peace & Love
  2. The desire to live is what prompts us to act accordingly, obtaining sustainance and shelter. No, they do not have to be of the highest quality, but man should always strive (desire, want) to acquire the best of these things. Clean water and foods that are rich in nutrients will provide a better living condition than those that are not. Shelter also falls into the need category, but only so much as life is sustainable. To go beyond that is want, and there is nothing wrong with that. Man has survived/evolved/adapted due to his wants, it is the main motive power that keeps man going. So I guess you could also say that your wants are needs.
  3. You have to look at it in terms of survival. Everything we "need" or "want" is in regards to survival. So, yes we do NEED food and water to survive. No, nobody NEEDS a mansion to survive.

    If you don't relate needs and wants to survival then I suppose you're right, nothing is needed.
  4. The ego needs to be there for the ego to be there.

    The ego wants to not be there and still be able to be there.

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