needs nutes or is it lack of light ?

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  1. So here's some picture of my violator kush it's a month old now, potted in MG soil mixed with perlite, CFL grow. The last 2-3 days she's been suffering with some yellowing of the bottom leaf's. Is it time to start feeding it some nutes ? or could it be from not getting enough light. I've recently added two smaller CFL's around the bottom of the plant but it's kicked the temp up to 30-35'c and that's with a fan on, but I'm going to go buy another little fan tomorrow to help with the temp. I'm switching to flower in two days as space is an issue for me.
    I'm like 98% sure that the MG soil i have doesn't have those little time release capsules that break open every time you water, and i have the bio bizz organic nute range.

    Thanks for any help \t\t\t\t\t\t


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  2. Top of plant problems have to do with too much NPK or too little. Bottom plant issues has to do with micro nutrientslike Mg, zinc, boron, etc.

    That's my knowledge

    too much heat, bad ph, and lack/excess of nutes create that problem.

    I would say heat and nutes.

    Transplant into better soil? Not sure
  3. The ph is okay. I have bio bizz alg-a-mic that has some cal/mg in it. Last watering i gave it some bio bizz grow. Would you say give it some alg-a-mic next watering or just give it plain water then alg-a-mic the watering after that ?
  4. Plain water for a week till you feel it's pretty healed. No nutes no cal mag. Make sure you're ph is good. For one week
  5. okay thanks, after that week tho what's the best way to go about feeding it, is it best to wait till the plant starts showing deficiency's ? or should i be giving it a weak solution of food once a week, twice a week ? I always seem to the mess up the feeding and mess up the plant :(
  6. Such a tough one... I would say use 2x a week after you transplant to let the roots lay their foundation.

    Thing is... With your crappy great situation and the fact the your not using enough light.. I'm assuming... It might just burn the plants.

    Just do this. When the plants look the most healthy then feed a tiny ass dosage. Do that twice. Then gradually keep using a little more every other feed.

    I how this goes well for you. either way this its a learning experience. Make sure to deal with the heat though. Or more air flow

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