Needles cannabis?

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  1. Can someone tell me what the new trend of needles and cannabis is about? I just moved to Dallas, TX from Louisiana and I'm used to "smoke sessions. "
  2. New medical marijuana dispensary in Needles, California.
  3. Yeah, I just googled it and California dispensaries came up. I posted a thread about smoke sessions and the majority of the people that replied, suggested needles and cannabis.
  4. Im going to guess its what all the cool kids are getting oil/conentrates in now as squeezing it out of a needle is a lot cleaner then messing around trying to make a nice hotknife or a nice dab if your a oil rig bong thmoker lmao
  5. Take a bong hit and jab a needle in your eye. Take another bong hit and jab the needle in your other eye. It's the latest trend.
    There is no trend of needles and cannabis
  7. First, you put your weed in the magic bullet and grind it up real nice. Next, you put slightly frozen milk in a bowl and mix in your super finely ground weed. Heat this up in the oven at 182 degrees Fahrenheit for about 13 minutes and you'll soon have a sludgy paste. Put this into a needle and inject either near your butthole, or a foot vein. The high is pretty intense brah
  8. Needles now? What the fuck happened to just rolling a j or pulling a fat cone?
    Smoking weed has become rocket science.
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    if you shoot marijuanas you have to be especially careful. 25ml at most for first dossage!
    i shoot in my main vain.. gives a sort of rigidity after awhile. whiskey dick no more!
  10. Until you made this thread nobody put those two words together. What you've done is set into motion something that shouldn't have been. The future deaths of young adults are on your hands OP.
    I've totally already thought about it. For science or something.
  12. For Science! (The best combination of two words ever lol)

  13. Someday soon, at the hospital they will give people intravenous shots of cannabis for certain problems. G.I. PIn and such. After it is taken off schedule I of course.
    Lol that manga is fuckin awesome. Minamoto-kun Monogatari.
    Perfect picture for this thread lol.
  15. Seriously, don't friggin try this. Injecting raw plant material into your bloodstream could make you really sick. I.e. Endocarditis, sepsis, liver or kidney failure, phlebitis, micro emboli, thrombosis and more. Although I haven't seen this specifically, I took care of some pretty sad cases of young folks injecting all manner of things into themselves most of them died. Granted, by the time they came into my care they required a massive amount of intervention having made it to an ICU in a Level 1 trauma center. Most who try this may come out unscathed but the risk is high.

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  16. Uhh...who's this guy? ^^^
    I don't think anyone is being serious
  17. Oh that's Tadias. He advises against injecting raw plant matter into your veins wherever it comes up. Sort of an Internet Crusader.
    Pfftt...who would refuse a little session of injecting plants directly between their toes?

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