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needing weed to sleep

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dip_It, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Has any one here got into the cycle of having to smoke before bed. I don't think I can fall asleep until like 5 in the morning without weed, if I don't ease my mind with some weed it's a night of a lot of random tv.

    Anybody else in this cycle
  2. ya.. i know what you mean.. its just alot easier to fall asleep stoned.. if not i always end up cruising the city or fliping from David Letterman - cheers - seinfeld or whatever else is on for a coupel hours....
  3. it's not really like that for me. weed helps me sleep, but i can get by without it. smoking weed then going to bed is kind of a waste. you won't be conscious for the high. but if it helps you sleep, toke up. it's crazy, man.
  4. right now im smoking every night before bed anyways but i sleep either way
  5. I take energy pills before I work out at night and they take a long time to wear off, so I pretty much have to smoke in order to be able to go to bed at a decent hour.

    I've also developed an eating dependency. If I don't smoke before I eat, I can't eat much and I start feeling kind of sick. I've gotten to the point where my body is not used to being stoned. Crazy shit.
  6. weed helps me sleep, but i can get by without it. some nights are worse then others, and with no weed, i cant sleep till like 4 or 5 am either.
  7. i know how ya feel for me like now if i dont have weed i dont sleep or its a constant battle of me tryin to sleep for like 5 hours but once i smoke that sweet sweet cheeba i sit down watch some tv or listren to some music and go into a bitter sweet trance and pass out
  8. I sleep better if I smoke weed before I go to bed, if not I end up tossing and turning part of the night.
  9. weeds helps me go to sleep at 9:30 haha, yah, either way i sleep and wake up in the morning. so its all good


  10. Yeah my friend comes over every night around 10 or 11 at night. We load my bong and smoke till about 3 he leaves then i sleep if i dont smoke b4 i sleep I DONT SLEEP! ill end up falling asleep at Noon the next day!
  11. Sleeping is rough for me to get around to doing without trees. I usually just lay there for a while, but nothing happens. Seems like its going to be another one of those nights tonight. :(
  12. it depends on the strain for me. if i smoke shwagg i just lay i bed for couple mins and i'm asleep. if i smoke good stuff before bed, i ut on some music, insence and lay in bed for 45 mins just creatin images in my mind and thinkin crazy thoughts... it crazy, man. lol
  13. I know 100% what you mean, i got 10 bucks left and i want it for tomorow but i know if i dont go buy a 10 chunk before my dealers go to bed ill be up all night. ring ring....hey ill be right over :)
  14. Yup I cant go to sleep or eat without weed im dead serious ... Iv been smoking for so long 4 years straight like 3-5 joints a day ... Its pretty bad .. and before when I didnt smoke pot id always have to turn the tv on so I can fall asleep, now I smoke a joint and turn on my TV and have a nice drink on the side and some popcorn on the other side :)
  15. Im glad to see im not alone, i love how all smokers have a connection.
  16. Helps me get to bed at the reasonable hour of 4.30am : - D

  17. Same shit with me Roor it's terrible..
  18. Yeah ive noticed that i cant sleep with out weed. Since I quit intill 4th of july cuz i need to save money for a fat sac it cant seem to sleep till 3.
  19. i've found i have the same problem, and i've been really broke lately so i find myself awake and sober more often than not (which SUCKS but not much longer!!)...

    instead of sleeping pills that keep you groggy all the next day, i'd say try valerian. you have to take it regularly to fully get the benefits of using it, but it definitely helps as a sleep aid... it is the only sleep aid that allows REM sleep to still happen. it is also non-addictive, and available in tincture/pill form. it works for me, and is usually so strong i get a tincture half valerian and half passionflower, or skullcap.

    thought i'd just share for those of you who hesitate to take pills, there are herbal alternatives out there that are kickass for helping sleep.

  20. yeah man, i totally know what you mean, I've been like that for a few is crazy

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