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Needing Sativa guidance

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SilverBlaze, Feb 18, 2023.

  1. Hello all!

    Forgive me if this isn’t allowed, or is socially wrong. I’m very new to marijuana, and Have stuck primarily with indicas, as it helps my knee pain. I’ve tried ONE sativa (Sour Blue Diesel), and while it helped prevent that couch lock, it made me VERY paranoid and anxious.

    Is this common for sativa, or do i just need to try a different strain? If a different strain, what do you recommend? Any guidance is most appreciated!

    Thank you!
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  2. Yeah im not into that head high. Just increases paranoia and anxiety.
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  3. Indica dominant only for me, I absolutely will not grow sativa's.
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  4. More common than you think, ..Sativa's are not for everyone at best try a hybrid first,

    IMO put it at the back of your draw, and continue using what you had before

    good luck
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  5. I suggest having only one hoot. Sativas can be very energetic and helps to boost my productivity, but if I overdo it then imma sketch :passing-joint:
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  6. I've been mixing half CBD diesel (20% cbd% -1% thc) decarb flwr with half Durban poison ( 80% sativa 20% indica) decarb flwr.
    It seems to even it all out, no anxiety from the sativa or dead legs from the indica.
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  7. I’ve made peace with my paranoia.
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  8. have you tried boofing it?
  9. Did you harvest when they were a lot of clear trichomes. That will give you paronia thoughts.
  10. I’m not sure what that is?
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  11. I don’t grow, i purchase from the MMJ shop.
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  12. Agreed, you can add some CBD flower to anything that you want to "tame"
  13. It sounds like Sativa isn't the best thing for you. Couch lock took me by surprise when I switched to all Indica (no hybrids for me, I'm too sensitive lol), the couch lock is so powerful, I have trouble getting up to go to bed at night! Lmao. But I will take that over the Sativa effects any day. Everyone is different but Sativa really cranked up my tolerance really bad, while indica lowered it. You could use an indica dominant hybrid if you think that might be better but you want to enjoy your high, not be anxious or paranoid lol. Best of luck!!! :smoking-banana:
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  14. Uhhh....placing it in your rectum.
  15. Damn and all these years I've spent telling people about my sick whitewater kayaking "boofs" (driving the bow of the boat over the drop and splatting the boat right into the foam as opposed to "powering through" or "penciling in" and under a big wave.)


    On topic though yeah I find unless I'm in a real good space with close friends or family around, I stick to Indica doms. So far the only high sativas that don't "focus" me too much are Jack Herer and Northern lights, so if you have the means or the opportunity to try some of that in a good place, I'd recommend picking up a few grams (jack herer is usually fairly reasonable where its available, Bruce banner can also give me focus without being too intense, and that is a more currently popular strain that might be easier to find). Northern lights is also pretty common strain in my area at least.

    Best of luck in finding what works best for you mate, I've always believed that's the true meaning behind "experimenting with drugs"
  16. ironically, my husband JUST mentioned last night he’d heard of Northern Lights, and thought it’d be worth a trial! I’ll take that as a good sign!

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