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  1. I'm a first time grower and ran into some issues. I'm trying to figure out if my girls have magnesium deficiency or could it be some other deficiency. Any help would be appreciated!

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  2. Looks like a nitrogen deficiency and maybe a little heat stress forming the cupping in the leaves.. You really need to give more information I wish I had a copy and paste button for the following as it is needed to be asked all the time lol So how are you growing it is it bubbleponics or dwc or aeroponics? How old is she what's the strain? What's the temp of grow room and of reservoir? What nutrients are you using and at what dose? What's the humidity of room? What type of lighting and how far away from plant? What's the pH and ppms of the reservoir? Has there been any past issues and if so what were they? Sorry for all the questions but you can never give too much info about plants excluding their exact location hah but seriously the more information the easier time we all will have helping you!

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  3. I'm growing the northern light autoflower which is roughly about a month old. My grow space is 3 by 3 by 4. I'm using the botanicare kind nutrient line with dwc. And running them about quarter strength. Res temps are roughly 68 degrees temps in the grow space never exceeds over 85 degrees. And just running CFLs as of right now. Ppms are around 5 maybe 550 and pH is right at 5.8 give or take. I have no idea what is going on it just all started in my last res change. And getting worse every day. Thanks for the reply.
  4. And my humidity ranges any where from 45 to 65%
  5. Id say same as hydrogro if yur numbers are all what u say then def nitrogen my opinion.and are u using veg or bloom nutes at the moment?autos usualy dont like much nutes.and 500-550 are little over 50% tech.8-900 for veg,11-1200 for flower

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