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  1. So, its been four days since seedlings pop out, but today when I came to look at them, found it two of them laying side down, and of them bitten by something in the leaves.
    Probably it was lizard who fuck with them cause I've seen around lizard when I get there.
    So I'm trying to stand two of them on their own again, one of them stands successfuly but other one still doesn't able to stand it on its own, so I support the seedlings with soil, leaves looking normal. I put the pile fabric top of the pots to save them anything from the outside.
    I hope I can make it, the one who can't stand up on its own is worrying me.
    Anything you can suggest?

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  2. They look fine. You have plenty of room at the top of the pot to add more soil for support if necessary.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  3. Thank you very much.
    I just don't wanna stressing them cause autos have a short life cycle. I put a bigger pot so I don't have to stressed them with moving out.
    But then this fucking lizards...
    I hope the one baby who can't stand up is able to pull together in few days.

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