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  1. Hey guys just a few questions i've resently started the germination on these random bag seeds and was wonder if i need to wait for the seed to sprout before i plant it? and how often will i need to water it at this stage.
  2. WOW!!! Ya know, ANY "Beginners grow guide" will answer these questions for you??? You REALLY should do some reading and get a grasp on what you can expect!

    That being said, when you germinate your seeds you're waiting for the "Taproot" to pop out of the shell. Once that happens, you want to plant anywhere for 3/16ths of an inch to 1/2 an inch deep in soil. After that, most aren't watering AT LEAST until you have a sprout that is transplanted. Which means, most aren't watering for about a week.

    Do some reading and Good Luck! :smoke:
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    Unless you are doing Soil. Once germinated, Place into rockwool cube, or other Hydroponice medium. The Rockwool should be damp but not soaked. Don't water for 2-3 days or until the cube feels dry. Then you will need to water daily!! Every day check your cube, if it feels dry spray it down. These cubes can dry out really quick, depending on the intensity of the light. Let the plant grow for about a week in your cube, or until you see roots emerging from the sides or bottom. Then place cube in Net pots, with medium sorrounding the cube. Like clay pebbles, or hydroton. Water accordingly to whatever Hydro setup you are going to use.
  4. if the seed germinate, it means its time to plant them. This is when you see the little white tail. and shell crackin open. (prepare the pot, watered prior to planting the seed)

    If thats the case then grab the seed with your Clean hands by the shell, DO NoT touch the tail (main root). and put it in soil with the tail pointing down. At about half of inch depth. Grab a pen a make a hole in the center of your pot, try to only go half to 3 quarters on an inch. and put the seed inside (like i said before,no touching with tail pointing down).

    Cover with soil, dont put to much pressure on it.

    try to do some research will help a lot. :)

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