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  1. I have a 2 x 4 x 5 tent with three plants. Going on the eighth week under a 4 foot T56 bulb veg light!! Just would like a little input.
    What led light for flower?
    When to flower?
    Questions about my nutrients foxfarm?
    Plants r 12" tall have been topped and super cropped!!


  2. Hello ,

    In order for us to give further advise you need to share more details and possibly some pictures. There are too many missing factors that will not allow us to comment or advise accurately.
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  3. Copy that I'll add some pics!! What else would u like to know!!

  4. Your watering routing
    If you are checking Ph levels for your water
    What is your nutrient usage levels currently ?
  5. if you are 8 weeks in, and only have a 5 foot tent, it's time to flower, NOW! Say your pots at 12"(s) high, and you need to keep your flowering light at a minimum of 12"(s) from your plants, that gives you only 3 feet of growing room, so depending on what you are growing that isn't a lot of space if you have been vegging your plants for 8 weeks already.
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  6. That's true wanted to know what led light I should get for cheap or should I just get flowering tubes for my t5 light???

  7. I added pics!!!
    Ph = 6.5
    Water then nutrients Then water then nutrients then water

  8. What do u mean nutrient level??


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