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  1. Tl;dr: Are either of these plants worth keeping and if so, what should I do differently

    My friend gave me 2 seedlings and I really didnt know what to so with them. So I just got some florescent bulbs and put them in my closet and kinda forgot they existed. I honestly wasnt expecting them to grow but yeah.. Now I'm just wondering what to do with them.

    They were under the lights 24/7. Do they look okay? The smaller one is growing extremely slow, just recently the older leaves on it started crumbling. They're about 3 weeks apart. The pic of them together is when I first got them (about 20 days ago)

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  2. Id keep em.. some appear to be having nute issues but that's definitely no reason to toss them they can easily recover

    What type of soil are you using? And lights

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  3. Soil is "Just Natural: Organic." I thought it was fertilizer free when I got it but nah. Says it feeds up to 3 months. And for lights they're just some flourescent bulbs I got from an old vanity, the tube kind. They give off a really bright white light. I also have a fish tank light that gives off a less bright blue color, should I be using that instead?

    I can take pictures when I get home if thats too vague haha
  4. Next time or when you transplant add a generous amount of perlite into the mix. As for the lighting you can run both if you want... though what you have now is probably better than the other one.

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  5. Would it be too early to top this plant? Or should I just top it and start flowering a week or so later. Also any recommendations for the struggling one? Its growth is extremely slow

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