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needing advice to clear things up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by J_Mithy_, Jan 31, 2014.

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    I came into a bit of a situation that im hoping some experienced people can help me with along with some research. about 80 days ago ( November 9 th to be precise) i took part in a small circle. this was my third time in a month span. to be honest im not the smoker i was 5 years ago but hey. i took about ten or less small hits each time. i know that it should be out of my system but im wondering what other medications can "trigger" this or effect the duration it will stay in my system for? has anyone really experienced other medications effecting the duration? I moved recently and well i may have come a cross a zanex that was not prescribed as well as some medication called phentermine that is prescribed.   i am 5,9 female on the curvy side id say average i was eating somewhat healthy. drinking a ton of water normally till about 5 weeks ago. im due for a test for employment and now with all i read im extremely paranoid.  im just looking for some friendly advice on this its been ages and things have changed since. may i add that i googled my questions FIRST thus giving me some other questions. i may test myself but i am unsure of how long i have to do this before a date i given to me.

  2. Read the TOS.
  3. use google to find relevant information
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    thank you i did use research it before i came her
    yes i did use that tool before coming here giving me the information i was looking for until i came across other medications that may "trigger" the duration.
  5. you are fine.
  6. turns out the phentermine itself will turn up in the test. good thing its prescribed :)

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