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needing a T brake but resisting it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TouchedOne, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I find my self needing my 1 week a month T brake but been unable to take it for 3 months.

    But I find I can no longer do them for the 1st time in 15 year's since I found my new guy. I find my self losing my diet as well even tho I could still keep it when stoned but not any more. Any tip to help me stop as I am typing this I am working on my 3rd joint in 3 hour's my saving starting to go as well.
  2. 3rd joint in 3 hours?! Dude.
  3. You sound addicted man.

    Just keep yourself busy with whatever you enjoy besides weed and you should be good. WILL POWER
  4. yikes, you defiantly need a break, just try and find something else to occupy your time with. I find myself in a similar situation, but i plan to finish off the sack i have, then start a tbreak and start saving for some nice glass :)
  5. bull I am not addicted to shit well gambling maybe but not and other thing. I think I may just be depressed and subconscious is telling me to smoke and be happy.
  6. Brakes aren't something you should resist. They should be replaced when needed! Your life as well as others could be needlessly at risk. You want to be able to stop don't you?!
  7. what does the title of the thread say? Are you bullshittin me:cool:
  8. From what you have said in this thread, you sound addicted to me. If you're not why have you not started you're t break while you had 3 long months to start it?

    It's not what you want to hear I get that. I don't know you or you're situation so obviously this is just my perception, I could be wrong.
  9. :confused_2: I don't see a problem?
  10. I've been smoking almost every day since January. I gotta dry out bit to get ready for ski season. Good luck.
  11. i dont see a problem with the 3rd joint in 3 hours either. but seriously, you despertly need will power. your draining your savings to buy weed? sounds like an addiction to me.
  12. This jesus your making me feel like im addicted mary jane i love you:smoke:
  13. Well, it's obvious you're mentally addicted. That sucks. Whenever I end up not smoking for 3 days or sometimes even longer I feel fine, the only thing I notice is falling asleep becomes a BITCH.
  14. Maybe gambling is the reason why your savings are draining.
  15. You have an addictive personality from what you've told us. You need to just stop all of those activities, but you'll most likely need help. Seek counselling or a good 12 step program.
  16. well i hate to point this out but weed is not physically addictive it can however become mentally addictive as masta bake said which does suck but show some will power and start with small goals, try to just cut back to like a bowl in the morning and a bowl at night. when im looking to cut back and save some founds i just break out the double bubbler, i can load a .2 bowl of some nice headies and smoke half when i get up and half before bed and it makes for a calm relaxing day while still cutting back
    good luck man :)
  17. run out of money or go dry im sure you'll be on a t break then.....happens to meh all the time
  18. Actually it is mildly addictive physically when used heavily, every recent study shows that to be the case. Heavy use causes your body to produce lower amounts of endogenous cannabinoids and a sudden cessation of use can cause real physical symptoms in heavy users while the body ramps it's own production back up. It's nowhere near something like nicotine or opiates but it's a real phenomenon.
  19. You just described addiction hahaha..

    Seek professional help if your unable to do it on your own man..
  20. Drink!

    Drink a beer every time you crave hahaha

    But seriously I hear ya. I take acouple days t break every couple weeks to a month. Maybe a week at the longest and just anytime I want a hit I have a couple beers in the evening instead. Takes the edge off the day.

    Call your guy and tell him to deny you service for a week straight. You will feel like a dick bothering him after telling him to ignore your calls for a week so you won't go and bother him and you will come out with a sucessfull t break and a still-happy dealer

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