Needing a doc for a few of my ladies..

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  1. So, I have recently just transplanted most of my babies into larger pots, but some are still lagging quite a lot behind.  I have 3 plants out of 8-10 that are having a few issues.  If anyone has the time, I would love some insight.
    History - planted in hot soil, moved into better soil on day 11.  Canna Terra Pro.  Using Dutch Master nutes.
    I am now at the very beginning of week 4.
    1.  My NYC diesel #1.  Her growth is killing it, but she is looking a bit stressed.  I'm thinking I have over watered...  Ideas?
    NYC 1
    NYC 1
    2. My auto berry.  This one looks a bit sad.  she is at the 3.5 week mark and is very small and no real new growth, or so slow I can't see it..
    3.  The saddest of the bunch. believe it or not, this came out of the same bag as the other NYC diesel.  This is NYC #2.  Same bag, shipment, brand..
    I need help with this girl..
    Any ideas?  First ever grow, so I hope I haven't fucked it too much.  My other babies and flourishing..

  2. Also, they are under an MH 600w cool tube, and I have 4 CFL's at 100w each on each corner of the tent about 8 inches away from the top of the plants. The MH is around 2-3 feet from the plants.

    Mylar tent, carbon filter, inline fan, the works.. Very pretty setup for a first time grow.

    I water every second/third day (depending if the top soil is dry or not) and I nute every 3rd water. Possibly going to stop the nutes because the plants don't seem to respond well in veg..

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  3. Try and get the lights lower to them put your under it if your hand gets hot after a few minutes move it up

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  4. What's the temp and humidity and how often/much are you feeding
  5. Temps between 75-80. Humidity around 45-60%. Higher at night when the lights are off. Feeding every 2-3 days with water, and with nutes ever 2nd or third feed. Only using about half the nutes it says to. Also using natural spring water for watering. No tap water.

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  6. Good soil and using nutrients? Why?
  7. First grow, just following guidelines set out by some others... Guessing now it was a little aggressive for the plants, but I had no idea..

    Been constantly reading and learning the last 3-4 months, so the more info I can get on what I have done wrong or what the girls need... Very appreciative of any advice and help :)

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  8. The other plants are straight up fucking impressive! Just these 3 are struggling a little.

    White ruski, sour d.. All going gangbusters in veg. Even a little auto blueberry I germed a week after is doing extremely well!

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  9. Would you mind seeing something about less is more?
  10. Whatever advice I can get, certainly will take it all on board :) here to learn and create good medicine for my chronic lyme and arthritis, so any help is good help unless you write help on the inside of your hand and slap me

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    crap sorry to hear that about Lyme. I feel your pains though. Attached is a Papaya that is flowering now. She had ZERO nutrients outside what the Happy Frog Potting Soil had for 8 weeks. now that she is in flowering she gets Beastie Bloomz at 1/8 intial dose working at 1/8 increase every 3rd feeding, the others will be water. She is in a 2 gallon Smart Pot someone may cut the bottom of the pot out and place it on top of a 3 gallon. These are genetically short plants also this plant had all its intial leaves burned by a CFL that drooped. The only leaf to survive was the single leaf (not the the sprouting leaves) of the first set of single leaves.
    She has been in veg about 8 weeks, turned to flower a couple days ago. The bud sites are developing now.

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  12. Wow she is a pretty one! Well done with the grow! Looks like I will just use water and keep the nutes until flower in low doses.

    Will be topping my diesels in the next week.

    I have autos and regs in the same tent tho... So this is gonna get tricky lol. I have another tent, so looks like I may be running two soon and getting a home loan to pay for the electricity bill :p

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  13. Why are the majority of blades sticking seeds in the ground if they don't know how to grow?
  14. Glad the same logic did not prevail when i first had sex, granted i destroyed the blow-up doll but finally got it right.
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    LOL, then you will love this. Auto Red Poison (pic 1)came down this am. Autos cream caramel (1OCT pic 2) and bubblelicious (1OCT pic3) are going through a flush stage.
    The difference in feeding was as soon the autos reached 4 weeks the beastie bloonz started, same 1/8 schedules. No other nutrients used outside of a splash from a jug that needed to be emptied.

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  16. They all look so healthy! They are gonna be amazing to smoke. I do hope you enjoy your ladies :)

    As for the inexperienced grow - you have to start somewhere. I fully customized my garage. I set up two tents, all lights, fans, ducting (indoor to outdoor), all security (cameras, locks, etc). All because I wanted to create my own medicine. My first grow is going ok... filtering through all the opinions and options for feeding, nutes, mediums, creating larger yields, watering, room setups, lights...a few details were going to be missed, but I learn by doing. If I had uploaded my sour d's and the ruski's you would have at least patted me on the back and said 'at least you didn't totally fuck up'.

    I'm only new here, but looking forward to learning all I can and gradually increasing my skills to therefore increase my overall health and recovery

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  17. In the pics your perllite is stained, that's a sure sign of overwatering, or over frequent watering.  Depending on soil quality/content I wouldn't have fed them just yet at that size either.
    I would lay off the watering and feeding for a bit.
  18. There are lots of good folks here and some assholes like me. Anyway, here is Auto Bubblelicious at 33 inches now. next time mixing photos and autos is out. They live in a 2x2x5 GL-60, having to take the photo out and place under a large garbage can for her 12 hour dark cycle sucks. since the autos are so close to harvest all plants going on 12/12 tonight. With the RP down there is more space.
    Here is bubbles. You may notice the tips slightly burned, this is not a bad thing at this point in its life.

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  19. Working the kinks out of this new microscope. Bubbles trichomes.

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  20. Well, it's my first grow. Some things are going to take a learning curve with all the differing info out there. This is an absolute beginners forum. I am working my way through all this awesome knowledge to be a better grower, and not to stay at the same level. So any advice helps :)

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