Needin some help. pics inside thread, thanks guys!

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  1. accidentally posted this in the wrong section of the forums, sorry about the double post. thanks guys!

    strain: Dinafem Critical Jack AUTO (in picture), only auto in tent

    age: plant is 32 days from seed. Started flowering after 3 weeks from seed. LST'ing plants around the edge of the pot, just started the turn.

    light: 600w mh cooltube, 22 inches from tops

    soil: ffof w/added perlite and vermiculite

    nutes: ffof lineup, bontanicare calmag. have only been given nutes three times in the 5 weeks @ 25%, 25%, and 50% dosage accordingly.

    pH runoff: 6.4, water with 1 tsp dolomite lime every other watering to help control pH.
    Three days ago these yellowing/orangish leaves started to appear.
    - transplanted last night from 2 gal to 5 gal buckets. Plants were rootbound, could this be the source of the problem?

    Thanks for any advice guys!


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  2. bumpppp
  3. leaves are continuing to yellow. small brown spots on the yellow leaves this morning. can anyone lend a hand?

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