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  1. Hey GC . I've been researching this forum and as well as google for the past few months now and cant wait to have fun with my grow nxt in a few months . I have a few questions , heres what my HID set up is:

    (1)4X8 secret jardin Dr240w grow tent
    (2x)6"sun system geat white A/c reflectors
    (2x)Quantum Digital Ballast 600w
    (2x)sunmaster HPS 600w bulbs
    (2x) sunmaster MH 600w bulbs
    (1)6"active air inline @400cfm
    (1) air booster if needed
    (1) goblin chorcoal filter
    (1) fan to move air(or do i need two)
    (X) smart pots
    Nutes,soil,timers etc
    I am wanting to know how many plants do you think i can fit in this grow tent to grow properly from veg to flower? How much u think i can yield on avg.a plant ? Btw i will be scroging and topping .any additional info will be gladly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time
  2. Hey bro :) 
    I'm running the same size tent with the same lights, and I'm growing 8 at the minute....4 just topped once and the other 4 topped twice and under a scrog....I would say 8 is a good number, you still have a bit of space to move around at feeding time, and room for the ballasts, wires, fans could maybe fit a couple more in I guess, but I'm using 10 gall pots for mine and did an 8 week veg.....over here it's wiser to grow more from less for legal reasons. 

    Might be a good idea to have another inline bringing fresh air into the tent too mate....I personally don't, just use passive intakes, but depending on your location the plants could appreciate it. 

    How much you are likely to yield depends on a lot of factors.....nutes and medium used, strain, feeding schedule, any stress they face along the way....In my opinion it's best not to worry too much about yield first time around.....just get a successful grow under your belt, learn from mistakes along the way, then you will be able to dial everything in better for the next one. :)
  3. With 2x 600x bulbs blazing, heat will be an issue that you may need to address with further ventilation, depending on your climate.  Over winter maybe not so much, over summer definitely.
    I collected some data a while ago, only from people's reported grow results, but it did seem that the really big grows, like you're describing 1000+ watts and a dozen plants, were less efficient than smaller grows.  For example, I have six 600w grows with one plant each, average yield about 3 ounces.  Then I have nine 1000w grows in the list where 12-plant grows typically yield less than 2 ounces per plant while single-plant grows yield 4+oz.
    Obviously it depends on all kinds of factors, but a reasonable HID/HPS grow will yield 2 ounces per plant and you have enough space and light to grow 10-12 plants, so if you yield less than 500g you had a bad grow.  If we said 8 plants grown really nice, 4oz per plant, gives you nearly a kilo and a pretty nice grow.  You'll probably end up somewhere between these amounts, however first grow, I would recommend 4 plants under each bulb, use the extra space to learn what you're doing, and use that to inform your next grow.
    In fact, you mention scrogging, I suggest you scrog 4 plants under one light, and LST or even just FIM the other four under the other light.  You have the space and flexibility to do it, that way you can see how the plants grow differently and you'll learn a lot.  Scrogging is a lot of work actually so you'll be saving yourself hassle by doing that, not making more for yourself, but you'll gain so much insight and experience.
    Good luck!
  4. Do a sea of green, cram in 50(5x10) plants. No more than a 3 week veg, don't screw around topping or Lst'ing. Find a strain with an 8 week flower period. Even if you only get an oz per plant you're looking at a couple of pounds or so every 3 months and with practice you will get more.
    A lot of the guys on here doing long veg periods and training are doing so to maximize the amount they get from the number of plants that they are legally allowed to grow.
    If you're in Europe(guessing uk, i'm in Ireland) or a state where there's no legal cover, and breaking the law, and trying to make a few quid the above is the best way to do it.
  5. Thanks guys for all the replies and sorry about the slow response. Worked late (hate it) but anyways , @breezey007 u are right , i just cant help it lol. @howandothanks for the break down , when you say scrog under one light and LST under the other i should only use the screen for under one light and just LST like "fim or topping " without screen under the other light right?.it sounds like less is really more in this situation. @andygrow i was thinking on doing a SOG on a grow in the near future so i will have every thing to keep up with the short time intervals so i can keep a continuous cycle , also that many plants seem a bit overwhelming for a first time growwr like myself .By the way i live in California
  6. Then if you've got a legal allowance, stick with it. Wish I had....
  7. If you can, check out Growing with Mr Tight in YouTube. He runs two 600w lights in an 4x8 tent. You've been given good advice above. 8 plants is a decent number, but you may want to start more in case you lose a couple during the seedling stage (it happens).

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  8. What I had in mind was like two grows, side by side, in the same tent.  You said about a ScroG, they are cool/fun/challenging, and you can do a really nice 3.5'x3.5' ScroG on one side of the tent.  
    Then on the other side.... just grow 4 plants straight from seed and see how they look totally different to the scrog (like a different plant sometimes, really), or FIM them and LST the tips to the edge of the pot so each plant has 4 main tips, then let them grow.  Or try whatever else you like, maybe set one aside and try "mainlining" just for fun.  When you have such a large setup, you can afford to try out a few things because you have the space and power behind you to overcome most problems.  Grow 2 with water and 2 with nutes; feed 2 a bloom-enhancer and 2 regular bloom nutes; grow one straight, top one once, top another twice, top another thrice.  You wont know which is better unless you try it for yourself.
    You wont get it right the first time, even if it was really successful, there will be things you want change for next time.  So I say: if you've got this kit, enjoy yourself!  These plants are robust, the biggest hazard you have is over-feeding them, heat and pests.  Pruning them just makes them grow more.  The more you see, the more you know, the better you can plan for the future.
    The main reason I suggested this was, a ScroG is kind of an advanced technique.  When you don't know how the plant grows, actually grows, you don't know how wide the net should be, or do you weave them in and out or just tuck them under, and what do you do when the leaves get too dense, or there's too many growing tips and not enough space.  You can find yourself removing dozens of leaves and growth in order to keep things under control because you didn't plan for it well enough.  That is true if you have an 18" screen, so if you had 8 plants in a 2m x 1m scrog for your first grow..... and you can't move the plants around if you need to flush them, they are all stuck together by your own doing!  At least if you have 4 plants in single pots, you can do anything you need with them.
    Speaking of temperature, you want a max/min thermometer for your tent to check it's not too hot/cold while you're not in it.  You mgiht have one already.

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