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Need your thoughts on this one!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ProfessorX, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. In holland we roll our joints 50% tobacco, and 50% weed, at least that's how i do it, most people 80% tobacco, 20% weed, which is bullshit.

    Damn.. I'm really considering smoking pure J's from now on.. it really is getting into me that smoking cigs kills you..
    I smoke a pure J once in a while.. the only thing is if i buy 5grams I only have about 5J's if i would smoke them pure..

    With 1 gram I can roll 3 J's, dutch style.
    Which is 3times more then if i would smoke pure.

    Seriously thinking about changing my tobacco-weed-joint to just weed..

    What's everyone thinkin'?
  2. Do it... I would never mix herb and tobacco in one joint... I love the taste of weed
  3. I really enjoy pure weed js, mostly because i get nicotine highs so bad that i literally pass out. I say roll what ur feeling. If u were gonna smoke 2 or more anyway go for the full thing but if u just smokin to get comfy maybe do like a 20% tobacco 80% weed just so it will burn better. Its really up to you.

  4. Is there a reason you only smoke Js?

    A bong or a pipe would let you have more control over how much you are smoking... could stretch out 5 gs
  5. Well, This is the only way I've been smoking, and I've been smoking for 6 years.. so.. Its kinda hard for me to change this habit, I bought myself a small bong last week, about 10inches long, but I don't really get stoned from it.. maybe it's because the bong is too small and there's not enough smoke in it to suck into my lungs :p

    But whenever I smoke a J with just weed, I'm always satisfied after, but my baggie is empty so fast :O

    But I don't want to have cancer in a few years.. so.. Should i buy a bigger bong? Or should i get a vape?

    Or should i just smoke weedonly J's for a while to adjust?

    I dont know.. i think i'm kinda addicted to the cig also but that i won't admit it to myself.. gotta quit that shit though
  6. Rolling with tobacco = pointless.
  7. yeah man. just smoke pure j's.
    get's you more stoned!
  8. Yeah maybe i should do that.. 'cause the weed they sell here isn't too dry mostly, but that's the only complaint I have about the weed here lol :smoke:
  9. And if I would smoke them with weed only, 1g a blunt/joint, I can also choose to smoke it in 2 times.. but that's not my style.. you smoke what you roll.. =)

    Think I should get a nice bong :)
    I've heard this also doesn't smell as much as joints, is this true? Because I'm still living in my parents house and I'm only allowed to smoke inside after 10PM, which is 45minutes ago now so I'm about to toke up, and if the smell absoluty doesn't reach their room.. so I practicly have to hang out of my window to smoke.. and that sucks :D

    Thanks for everyone's advice and comments btw!
  10. To each their own. I guess I am a purist in that I would never mix something as great as MJ with tobacco. I smoked cancer sticks for over ten years and quitting was the best thing I ever did. It has been three years and I feel great. Save those lungs for the good stuff. MINDyourHEAD gave good advice however on the mixing ratio. It would make for a good transition for you, it would seem.
  11. Okay, Just broke all my cigarettes left and threw them away, got one J rolled with tobacco and weed.. not gonna throw that away but i'ma smoke it..
    Tomorrow I'm gonna hit the shop, get me sum weed, and bye bye cigs.. if the whole world is smoking pure J's or with a bong.. why is it a habbit in holland that everyone smokes tobacco/weed in a joint..

    Those days are over for me, after this last one.
    Cigs are nothing but trouble, and since I'm on this forum i've learned alot and I'm just gonna get a bong =D
  12. Or just get a nice glass spoon to smoke from?
    I gave up tobacco about 8 years ago and can't stand the smell of it now. MJ only for me.
    I have a small bong and it gets me plenty ripped. Ya doin' it right?? :D
  13. Am I doing it right..
    I'm lighting my bud while I suck it softly and hold my finger over the hole, and when it's full with smoke I let my finger go off the hole and inhale it into my lungs at thesame time.. but I don't taste the weed really.. My mouth tastes like gas after I ripped that bong.. So I dont know.. and that was my first and only experience with a bong.. so maybe the bong just sucks.. or am I doing it wrong? =)
  14. i don't like mixing them friends like to do 80/20 or 60/40 green/tobacco, but it kind of ruins the experience for me and doesn't get me any higher.

    I think i'm the only one of my friends that actually rolls just pure green, no tobacco.

    and @ professorx...bongs don't suck. DON'T YOU SAY THAT. DON'T YOU EVER SAY THAT!
  15. I smoke pure J's when I do have them. Only way to go in my book. I do understand why you'd use tobacco, but maybe try some other herbs that don't have all the negative effects of tobacco.
  16. alot of my friends like to mix, but me personally, i really dis-like it. + why ruine the taste of fresh nugs with cancer shit? hah.. Thas how i see it anyways..
  17. Yo, I didn't say bongs suck!

    I said that I sucked the bong :D

  18. You can always roll a thinner joint. Not only will you only need a fraction of the amount, but the cherry will burn at a lower temperature thus less of the cannabinoids are burned, but instead vaporized.
  19. You're doing it right. It tastes like shit because of all the butane from the lighter. Try getting the bowl to cherry so you can use the lighter as little as possible. If you don't like that bong I completely understand, small bongs with carb holes suck. Get a glass on glass bong (with percs if you can afford it) and I'm sure you'll love it. Vaporizers are sick too, if you're trying to conserve bud, they are your best bet. To get me high it can take ~.3g from a vape, ~.6 from a bong, or ~1g from a joint/blunt.

    If you still want to roll jays, try a 80/20 or 90/10 mix of weed to tobacco. I always put a little bit in to help it burn better, I don't know how much it really helps though. That's so weird that people where you are smoke more tobacco than weed in their joints, I've never seen anyone do that.
  20. never smoked anything but a pure weed joint...

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