Need your opinions - new roommate situation

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokeitdown, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Okay, so recently my best friend of like 5 years moved out to pursue a job opening in the city.. sucked for him to leave but whatever. Now I needed a new roommate to help me pay bills and shit, you know. I met this chick in my class a few weeks ago, we've been blazing a lot together and hanging out all the time... she is mad chill, and pretty damn cute.

    So she mentions she was looking to move off campus, I mentioned I was looking for someone to help pay the bills, and basically she has been crashing here for the past few nights. Going to start moving her shit in this weekend. I think shes pretty attractive, and I get the sense she is into me.

    My question to you guys is, how is this going to play out if she lives here? I mean the situation has been cool for the past few nights she crashed here, but we have been getting closer and I can tell she is into me. I haven't pulled the trigger yet because of the whole housing situation.

    I dont think I wanna be involved in something where I'm living with a girl I'm hooking up with, or together with. I mean, I'm only going to be 22 in a few weeks...

    What do you guys think?
  2. Anybody?

    Im high :D:wave:
  3. Potential friend with benefits living in the house...Where's the problem ?

    If shit turns sour, you can always replace her with a new roommate.

    Take a chance... might turn out to be really awesome.
  4. Yeah, but I just don't want it to get fucked. She has a great job and can afford to pay the rent and bills and shit, unlike most of the other people I know who wanted to move in. Yet at the same time she is pretty cute. I think I might just have to let it play out.

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