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    So I have known this chick for about 7 years now, she is cousins with some kids i went to high school with who are quadruplets and she basically was raised with them (home schooled up until high school), but i seen her maybe 2 years ago with them and she got REAAAL HOT:hello:, and since then she has had this crush on me apparently, well a couple days later after that incident she added me on facebook

    I honestly did not know who she was cause i never really knew her just knew "of her", i asked her do i know you? and she apparently was upset from that but it turns out this girl is very low confident, she used to cut her wrists in 7th grade and was "hit" by both exs (maybe shes lying), so we would just text for a while i got to know her a little and she just seemed nice and really low confident, would always put herself down.

    Now the most recent ex she went out with for a year, practically lived with the guy, this guy was an alcoholic and has 2-3 MIPS (minor in posession, hes 20), and has had a alcohol bracelet more than once, when this girl was with this guy she would always text me when she was feel upset or when he would "drink with his friends and not pay attention to her", so she would always text me randomly or call me crying on the phone, and she would sometimes get ditched by this guy and he got arrested recently when he was drunk cause he started some fight by his house, so she of course texted me and she ended things with him because he cheated on her in there own bed (lol). but then she changed her number and i started hanging with her at the pool and i went to a party she invited me too, she was WASTED.

    She started leaning on me and touching me and shit so i had a little to drink and i started making out with her, we even went outside and she was just talking about her ex non stop so i just listened to be nice, she kept saying how she wanted to walk home (which would be like 10+ miles, over a highway too) and of course i told her no your not i will take you home later (her friend left).

    So i told her i was gonna go to the bathroom, and she was nowhere to be seen, i assumed she walked home so i started walking out the street and i call her, she didnt pick up, i walked a lil faster, next thing i know she picks up shes 1-2 miles up the street (i dont know how the hell she got there so fast) at some gas station...i had on some casual shoes so i started walking really fast my heel even started bleeding lol she thought i left her when i went to the bathroom....

    i got there and shes on the phone with her ex :eek: cussing him out and shit, and theres this guy in a truck watching her ( i live by hoosiers lol), he circled the gas station like 6 times when i could see them from far away, and i gave him a bad look and he left, i got up there and took her back to the house on the way back she was talking about suicide and how shes ready to leave earth and for gods grace etc so i told her stfu and just come and she fell in the grass at one point thats how bad she was, i got her back to the house and she said she wanted to sleep so she fell asleep on me while i was waiting for my cuz who i came with to finish having sex with this girl in one of the rooms.

    so i am driving her home shes like a zombie and i was kind of bummed out idk why maybe it was cuz i was comin down from the drunk or i couldnt believe she walked that far from the house while wasted cuz she called me "not normal like other guys" and she said it in a tone that was bad.

    so a couple days later my cousin and his gf are hanging out he wanted me to come along cause he couldnt stand her by himself (long story), so i ask the girl to come with me, she was more than excited to come and she even told me shes sorry etc shes like i hate drinking, shes like i didnt think you wanted to see me again, the four of us had some food and ice cream then a movie, then we went back to our place, ripped the bong, i shotgunned it to the girl and made out a couple times and i got her to rip it too and she usually hates weed, there were two beds down in the basement but they are next to each other, she was just chillin, we were fuckin aroun but nothin serious cuz there were other people there too in the room.

    Ok so we went to this wedding for her cousin a couple days later, and i met her mom who loved me along with everyone else there, she didnt drink but her mom got wasted and i bought her mom food and she was sayin all sorts of good things about me, i dont really know how to take compliments that well so it was kind of weird lol, at the wedding some other people wanted to take pics at some photo booth she said i "ditched her" again and she really takes it the wrong way, well ill fast forward to today, basically she was kind of weird when we were texting, she told me she was babysitting, i asked her to hang out at night then called a little later and she never really said anything about it but responded to something else in the text but never answered my call or mentioned it, lol so i just went to this pool party i was gonna invite her to with some other people :hello: but i just wanted a second think she is relationship material or i should just stop? i have not honestly had a girlfriend for longer than 2 weeks. or you think i should just fuck her and forget her? my cousin told me to get close to her and then use the "your messed up in the head" to break away after i fuck her, but i honestly think she will do something to herself if i did that and i would feel horrible.

    Ok grasscity sorry for the wall of text, just so i make it clear i am a virgin myself i have been close to fucking a girl but never really was one to chase it, its just never happened i guess, ive done just about everything but sex at this point and im 21, she knows im a virgin but doesnt believe me because "i am a ladies man" lol :smoke:

    -known girl for a while, very hot
    -girl has crush on me
    -hates her ex, cant get over him
    -girl is mentally unstable at times.
    -should i make her my gf or fuck and ditch?

    Thank you for reading :wave:

    toke up!!:smoke:

  2. wow i never thought of it that way lol:wave:

    i guess you are right, it seems when i start to get feelings for a girl i lose sometimes the common sense i have gained from being single for so long
  3. Fuck her and leave, thats all I think anyone can do and stay sane, until she cleans herself up. Sounds like she never grew up after high school.

  4. very true haha;)

    Yeah i am thinking the same, she has too many problems and should atleast think what she wants out of her life, i always wanted a chick who has a outlook on life or one who is atleast motivated...she quit her phlebotomy job for her old waiting job lol..i told her if u wouldve sticked to the phlebotomy you couldve gotten further in a couple years...smh:eek:
  5. Run away. Just for the sole reason you're having to ask. If you have to ask, it's not going to end well.

  6. hahahaha i think i am just going to do my own solo dolo thing like i always have been, it seems to attract chicks, i notice when i dont pay any attention to them ,they all just flock to you. i would rather this chick sort her life out if she wants something more than just sex from me, cause no need for me to dig myself into a deeper hole that my life already is haha:smoke:

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