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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TonyTNguyen, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Hi, I'm pretty new at this

    This is actually my first time getting caught with wax!! Does anyone know what happens if you do? I been caught with some wax.. The cop arrested me, charged with procession of wax!! and I was locked up in county.. I got bailed and still haven't got a court date till 6 months gone by.. Does anyone know what will happen? I also have my medical card and recommendation!!! Any help will help!!!
  2. look it up instead of going on grasscity forums where people will misinform u

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  3. Where do I look it up? I check almost everywhere I just wanted to know if anyone has been in this situation and what happen!!!
  4. what state do u live in

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  5. and how much did u have

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  6. I live in California and I had about less than a gram!!
  7. Although I have no experience with being busted like that, I am going to guess that if 6 months have passed, then nothing will happen.
    I had a friend who blew a .08 when he was 19 and they never sent anything over a year later when I found out about it.
  8. Dude in mass its decriminalized you just get a fine and theres no court date Id look that shit up man.

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