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Need Your Help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrdelrey, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. So I'm away from home on vacation and I come home a week from today. One of my closest friends is getting his wisdom teeth out a week from tomorrow, then I go away again and he goes away.

    Essentially next Sunday is the last time in a long time we'll be able to smoke together for a long time because we both go back to college when we get back from our vacations.

    Therefore I want this last smoke to be great and memorable. What do you think we should do? We usually just toke in my car, grab some munchies and watch a movie at my place.

    I plan on picking up a couple dubs and we can smoke em all that night but I want to know what you guys think I should do to make it super fun :p

    I have a pipe and a bong and can roll joints.

    Suggestions? :smoke: :gc_rocks:
  2. I suggest you get blazed then fuck.
    That'll be quite the "memorable" experience.

    If fucking is out of the question,
    go camping for a day and just get blazed out in the woods.
  3. fucking is out of the question seeing as we're both straight males
  4. get super fucked up and do the things you enjoy
  5. Your avatar through me off...

    Then I re-read your username.

    if ya'll know any instruments just spend the day smoking and jammin'.
  6. wooord we'll box my car for sure
  7. Make some edibles, then get really high and use the edibles as your munchies and then get super fucking blasted and watch spongebob.
  8. Box the shit out of your car, get some extra good food then go to the beach or some chill place to burn more.
  9. Maybe you can pool your money together and get a hooker, then you can Eiffel tower that bitch!
  10. If you can safely box your car, go for it! Definitely prefer bongs over anything, but it's all on you, my friend. I would tell you to have munchies waiting, but I actually like having to go to the gas station/store super blazed to buy food. I just love doing normal activities while medicated.

    Ask him what he wants to do? Have a few ideas beforehand and maybe invite a few more friends over or something? I'm sure you'll think of something! Good luck, OP!

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