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    Hey guys, Im already planning 2011's outdoor season and I wanted to make my own soil mix instead of buying a pre mixed bag. Ive been doing some reading and ive decided that id like my ingedients to be the following:

    -Greensmix Sphagnum Peat Moss
    -Black Kow Composted Cow Manure
    -Miracle Gro Perlite
    -Better Gro Vermiculite
    -2in of Northwoods Organics Red Mulch on top

    What I am unsure of is the proper ratio of each ingredient i put into the mix. What I was thinking was doing 40%peat 30%manure 20%perlite 10%vermiculite. I also thought about 40:30:15:15 and 30:30:20:20. I cant make up my mind. So i thought Id see what GC thinks about this. Any and all feedback greatly appeciated. Thanks.
  2. Don't use Miracle Gro Perlite.

    It has Miracle Gro fertilizer in it and therefore it is not organic.

    Your ammounts look good, I usually go with a little extra perlite and add greensand to my mix but that's just me :)
  3. Miracle Gro Perlite is one of the few miracle gro products that dont have time release ferts. I checked the bag before i made my decision. But thanks for the help man!
  4. The Perlite Institute (yep - there really is one. Who knew they needed an institute vs. an association) has a search for manufacturing members in several states.

    Perlite besides its use in horticulture is more widely used in the construction industry for a myriad of applications. There is absolutely no difference between one perlite source vs. another unless it's gone through companies like Miracle Grow (Scotts).


  5. Hmm, it doesnt say it on the 8qrt bags?
  6. It should. flip it over and look in the bottom left hand corner in teeny tiny print. It's there. It may be in the fold of the seam at the bottom of the bag. it's something like .01% of n-p-k in synthetic nitrate form for N and acids for P and K.

    It's on there somewhere if it's miracle grow. They infuse all of their stuff even their "organic choice" line.
  7. I dont remember seeing it on the back but I didnt check the seam. I'll look at it again next time im at the store
  8. I made the same mistake a couple of years ago.

    At the very bottom in small print, it does say that it has small ammounts of MG.

    I guess they soak it in the "Magical Blue Crystals" :)
  9. looks good, minus the mg stuff. also don't forget your earth worm castings and a good mineral blend. as far as minerals you're looking namely for sul-po-mag and calcium carbonate(oyster shells, limestone-rock dust etc.) kelp and alfalfa products will help round out that mix and give you a well balanced soil, containing all the micro-nutrients your plants are gonna need.

    regarding mixing and ratios, have a look at lumperdawgz' soil mix- i'm sure it's stickied at the top of the organics section by now. it'll give you a good understanding of mixing ratios and what you're shooting for in a complete, balanced soil mix.
    good luck on the upcoming season, i know i can't wait to get my 2011 outdoor adventure started...:D it's gonna be a loooooong winter
  10. Alright, well ill look around for something else, if I cant find anything ill just go with it, im sure the ferts are pretty mild seeing as its only perlite
  11. They should have Thermorock at your Home Depot which has no chemical ferts in it.

    Just say NO to MG and Scott's!!!

    Horrible company.

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