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Need Your Help Naming My New Piece!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tokintj, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I just got a new piece and i love it. I always name my pieces and i thought this time mayby the forum could help me. I was thinking about naming it einstein since its a scientific bubbler, but idk. let me know.

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  2. Or to bring some child hood back what about dexter from dexters lab lol just throwin it of there
  3. it kinda looks like someone with one arm lol name it amputee or amp for short
  4. John Adams
  5. that's tight man where'd you get it? and name it medusa since the mouthpiece looks like a snake:smoke:
  6. I got it a local shop. It came with everything in the photo. You are able to detach the mouthpiece and attach one of the other pieces it came with to create an awesome little pipe. I really love medusa and dexter.

  7. you dont love "amp" :(

    Just kidding lol thats a horrible name
  8. Orange Abe

    looks like a guy wearing a tophat with his arm raised in greeting :smoke:
  9. Medusa just sticks. :smoke: "hey homies lets smoke out of medusa. she rips like a motherfucker" (oh and medusa turns people into stone, and you will definitely be getting stoned)
  10. I to am feeling medusa
  11. Bongy mcbongerson
  12. almost looks like a fire extinguisher so maybe call it fire :eek:
  13. I'd name it heavy because it's a heavy hitter
  14. Name it bubble wrap, or ripply vanbongin, or shit rock.
  15. Shit rock lol sound like it come from tailor park boys
  16. Ray gun.. Look at it sideways
  17. Name it Light Misser.
  18. Ok... Medusa is almost too perfect - I was about to come at this thread with some originality but after "medusa turns people to stone and you're def getting stoned", I got nothin haha

    Dexter is great too.
  19. Name it D-Labs, short for dexters laboritory of course
  20. Shot rock I like it sounds like the trailer park boys lol

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