Need your help grasscity I just got a possesion and paraphenelia misdemeanor in Utah

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    This is my first record in my life. And I'm not a young person. I was driving through Utah when I was pulled over and searched. Now I have a misdemeanor substance possesion charge and a paraphenelia misdemeanor. I did not have more than 8 grams on me. And they were medical because I have a medical California card. I'm not sure if i was read my miranda rights (pretty sure i wasnt) I want this wiped off my record because I don't want it to interfere with my future. But I have no idea how to handle this because I've never had to deal with this or anything like this before, so with that I'm desperately seeking your help grass city to help show me a way out of this record. Thanks guys
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    no miranda because it was not an is the kind of ticket you can have suppressed by having it fined as 'something else' using the lawyer payola system, change it after paying the fine using that same system, or just say FUCK IT...pot is going legal and it is not some life ruining thing to have on your record.
    [x] new account
    [x] implying sever negatives about marijuana
    borderline...but I will go along and say you just got a couple of tickets, you can mail the fine in and be done with it.
    it will not affect your life.
  3. "Driving through Utah..."
    Are you from Utah, or were you from another state traveling through? 
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    For the Miranda rights, if you admitted it was yours it shouldn't matter if you were read them or not.
    I was arrested in May for possession and paraphernalia.
    I said it was mine and was never read my rights, I was told that if they don't read the rights, charges get dropped.
    That's not the case with bud. If you are like that's mine. The cops don't gotta read em.

    I only got caught with like a bowl tho so they could easily tell it was personal use. It shouldn't be too big of a you only had 8 gs on you. just a simple possession. But yeah it sucks.
    it was like 7 hundred for the bud and 6 for the pipe. It blows getting caught.

    I feel bad for you. We aren't criminals, just forced to be treated like them. Hope I could help at all
    Edit I didn't read that it's already a misdemeanor....
  5. They're going to make you Mormon.

    Just wait.

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  6. Suck it up. You broke a utah state law despite having a california med marijuana card. Cali law carrys no weight in utah. I feel for ya but not much you can do
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    Yes they were in forms of tickets
    No I did not go to jail
    Yes I was from another state driving through what I thought was peaceful utah.

    Update: I have gotten in contact with local lawyers in utah that handle possesion and paraphenelia misdemeanors. They pretty much want $1500 to attempt to wipe this off my record which they say is a huge possibility mostly because I've had no previous record and also possibly with the help of my medical card. Thanks for the support guys. I hope who ever ends up in the same position as me will be able to see this and hopefully it'll help em out at least somewhat.

    I'm still looking forward to hear anything else you guys may have to say. Thanks again
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  9. Can you please elaborate on this? It sounds like an answer. Thanks
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    you  already talked to the lawyers...they can 'fix' anything if you have enough money.  good having a card will help these days.
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    There's your first problem: you don't know how to handle this.

    "...I was pulled over and searched...."

    Did you give permission to be searched? Did the cop smell weed and subsequently obtain a warrant? Did he bring drug dogs to the scene that signaled for drugs without being led around? If so, did you ask him if you were free to leave or being detained while you were waiting for the dogs?

    Did you say no and he searched illegally?

    Definitely know your rights before you embark with buds and bowls.

    You weren't arrested so there's no requirement for your Miranda rights. Luckily you had a BOATLOAD of privacy rights that it seems you happily yielded to the LEO.

    Of course if I am wrong and am speaking out of place then I am sorry. If you explicitly said you don't consent to any searches, he stole the keys from your hand, and illegally searched and found your stuff without any assistance from you, then you have nothing to
    worry about as it will be thrown out in court.

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  12. I was pulled over for a traffic violation which he ended up writing up a warning for. he claimed to have smelt something and searched my car.
  13. What happened exactly from the time
    He said he smelled something until he found everything?

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  14. I guess it'd be a little different for you, since you have a medical mj card but I'm from Florida, and that sticks with you for life.

    Did they set up a date for you to show up in court or anything? They did that for me, so I freaked out and went to a lawyer. He managed to get it expunged, but even so if someone really wanted to find out about my background they would find I was charged for marijuana, and paraphernalia possession.
  15. I'd say fuck it and just not go to utah anymore. Fuck utah. They won't come looking for you for this child's play if you live in another state.

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  16. He told me to exit my vehicle and began searching my car
  17. in the future shut your car door and lock it and put your keys in your pocket. smelly LEO try to take our rights

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