Need Your Guys Opinion On What Vap To Get

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Smokindubbz, May 27, 2013.

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    Need to get a vap that meets this requirements
    - Least amount of weed smell as possible
    - Not to big ( i like the size of the No2 so anything that big maybe a little bigger and anything smaller would work )
    - Doesnt taste to bad
    - doesnt consume to much green
    this will be my first vap. need it cause me and my girlfriend are gonna be getting a condo with her sister, her sister doesnt mind that i smoke but i want to be courteous and not having the condo smell like weed all the time. So please help me out blades :smoke:

  2. Sounds like you need either the Solo or the Pax.  I have the pax and i love it.  I also had the Vapir No2.  It was good, but not as good as the pax
  3. If you want to vap dry herbs, Pax is the way to go.  You could go with the Atmos Raw with dry herb attachment as well but the bowl isnt nearly as big as the pax.  In all, i dont like vaping herbs as you have to take alot of tokes to get medicated.  What I would recommend is the Atmos Stratus or the cloud pen and get some wax/bho. 
  4. My vote is for the Arizer Solo. Vapor quality just as (if not almost as) good as the Pax and the cleaning/maintennce is minimal. It's been reliable for me these past six months despite regular use. Best of all, it's quite a bit cheaper than the Pax.
    It's also much smaller than the NO2 so you wouldn't have to worry about that.
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    My vote is for the Magic Flight Launch Box. It's benefits are:
    - Very little weed smell (if you just stand by a window and exhale your vapour out that, you can close it as soon as you are done and it won't smell at all!)
    - It's small and discrete - about the size of a small matchbox
    - The taste is great - pure herb man!
    - One trenchful will last you 3 or 4 sessions and that will only be about 0.2 grams.
    \nI don't actually have a MFLB. I have a dragon lite which is a copy of it and it does all the same stuff but is cheaper. The MFLB is the one everyone knows though and the company is really good for warranties and stuff so you're best to go with them.
    \nIf you search this forum you will see a lot of appreciation for the MFLB 
  6. Solo or Pax, I've heard great things about the Da Buddha, it couldn't hurt to look into it.
  7. ya i like the look of the pax but i had some people tell there is actually combustion. is that true?
    my friend has a No2 and i like it, do u think its on the lower tier of vaps
    Thanks for the opinions ill read up on each of them and then decide
  8. I have had my pax for about 2 weeks now. Don't worry about the combustions (you can set the heat level). 
    Yellow = Low
    Orange = Medium
    Red = High
    I have hit it a couple times with the Red Setting. I wouldn't say there was combustion just a slight burnt popcorn taste, which I don't care for. There is a little smell you can notice when the pax is loaded and heating. A friend of mine has a MFLB. I have used both and I just prefer the Pax. It seems smaller to me. No straw mouthpiece, no pushing the battery in, etc. Just a more refined tool if you ask me. However, I don't say this to knock the MFLB it is also a quality product and the company is A+. The Pax is not without problems, some say it gets too hot, I haven't noticed that to be a problem at all. Others say you need to clean it too often. I have cleaned mine once and it wasn't to dirty and took a total of 5 minutes if that. You can also use a filter in the Pax and smoke really efficiently, there is a video on youtube.  
    The Pax just load it, click, and vape. done.
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    Arizer solo.
    the solo is a better vape then the pax when talking about the actual vapor. The solo is also more of a convection vape then condution where as the pax is conduction (convection is better).
    The solo also has alot more temp settings so you can be more specific about how you want to vape your herb.
    The biggest draws the the pax is that it is really portable and stealthy, it does what it was made to do very well.
    But if you are going to be in a condo and not worried about stealth then the pax would be a poor choice.
    O and you can get the arizer solo for cheaper than the pax back when I had one I found it on ebay brand new for $150
    If you want to get a desktop vape instead of a portable I highly recomend the Silver surfer vape or da buddah vape. Both are extremely good and get you ripped, but i tend to use more bud when I use a desktop vape.
    In regards to limiting smell it has more to do with the temperature your vaping at and the bud than the vape itself.
  10. My vote goes for the Solo as portable and Silver Surfer as desktop unit.
    I also own Iolite, WISPR 2, MFLB, EQ and FlashVAPE but those two mentioned before are my favorite. I've never tried the PAX though since it's only available to US and CA markets  :confused:
  11. Definitely check out for more information on vaporizers. He's a great resource when shopping for vapes.
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    Lousy resource and here's why.   He states that when anyone asks him what the best vaporizer is, he says the Volcano is the best of the best..............which is totally false.   It IS the best bag vape, but bags have their downsides of which he never explains. 
    "If you can't afford the Volcano right now, I have a very important piece of advice for you: Save up until you can.", which is total bullshit.    I know many people who have multiple vapes including the 'Cano and the only time the take the Volcano out of the closet is when they have a party going on.   
    There are many vapes that are excellent, all depending on what you are looking for.   Anyone who states that ANY particular vape is the best there is has no idea what in the hell they are talking about.
    Is the Volcano the best bag vape?   Yeah it is.   Is it the best vape?   It is ONLY if you like getting your vapor from bags.   If not, there are other vapes that are a whole bunch better.
  13. I say log vape, fits all your criteria
    Solo/PAX/etc have a bunch of electronics, including an internal battery = fail much quicker
    One of the 3 7th floor vapes is also another option, but they don't conserve as much, but much more bulletproof (DBV LSV SSV)
  14. I really like the solo vape as a tasty, efficient machine.  I would suggest you check it out
  15. Have you ever tried a vape with an all glass air path? Im not saying the vapor tastes bad or even not good from the solo, but the taste difference is noticeable when compared to something with an all glass path. I would say the taste is the only thing thats not on par as far as vapor quality when compared to something like a DBV.
  16. Magic Flight Launch Box!
  17. So many to read up on that u guys suggested lol. I didnt even know there was this many. Thanks guys for all your input. Once i read up on them ill feel you in on which one i will be purchasing
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    So let me get this straight.   The OP is asking for a portable that doesn't smell too much, that tastes great and that will conserve his bud and you suggest a PAX?    Considering that the PAX is a conduction based vape that is always cooking your bud even when you're not hitting it, it will smell MORE and use MORE bud, and will get a burnt taste just about more than any portable on the market.   The main thing that the PAX has going for it is it's stealthiness due to how small it is, but that's about it.
    To the OP..........There is a new vape coming out by DaVinci called the Ascent that is about the size of an iPhone, has an all glass vapor path for a really clean taste and is a convection/conduction hybrid that should really serve your purpose well.     Should be out in a few weeks.    If you don't want to wait, check out the Solo.    And, if size is a top priority for stealthiness, check out the MFLB.
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    Cheaper than a good number of options listed...
    Oh... and I concur with lwien, I've read that same vape critic website. Its a joke. Someone needs to welcome him to 2013.

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