Need your advice about HPS and space

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by HOMELESSRAT, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Hello iv got a DR60 tent so its 60X60X140 with a
    125mm 5'' Hvk L1 Extractor Fan 290m3/hour

    In that iv 4 haze plants that have been vegging under cfl
    i was wanting to flower them under a 400w HPS do you think it would be ok to use in that size space, considering the power of the extraction...

    Thank you
  2. You could probably put a 400w HPS in that room without too much trouble. I'd put an oscillating standing fan or something in there to help keep the heat off the plants, though. You may also need a second extraction fan, but beyond that you should be okay.
  3. If you have a decent air flow you could have a 600w HPS no problem ;) Just make sure the air in the tent is moving around and extra if it's to hot. Dont forget to filter your exhaust with a small carbon filter!
  4. or if you are able to pick up a cooltube or air cooled reflector for that 400....i tried to vent a tent and run multiple fans at the same time and always battled heat... eventually i said Fock it and got a 4" inline to pull through my filter then through the 400hps then out the top to maintain cool temps..just a thought
  5. I flower with a 600W HPS in a closet space no bigger than 3x6x8 and with a 170 cfm 4" in-line pulling through a scrubber then across the light then out another scrubber (they are both the little DIY pen cup style). I have one passive intake and a little osc fan in there with three girls (who are all starting to notice changes in their bodies as they become women :love:).

    I have thus far had NO heat trouble. Oh, I do run my lights at night though, so that helps.

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