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  1. Since this story doesnt involve weed at any point I'll post it here, and ask you for your advice:

    Last night I was sitting in a cafe with my friend (I used to fancy her but she was never my girlfriend). She's a little bit careless and forgetful and she was also drunk so leaving her without saying a word was very bad decision. But I was pissed off because the place was full of drunken dorrks and my friend chatted with two german tourists for about 30 min completely ignoring my presence. so I said Im going outside to smoke, but while I was standing outside, one of my friends came and offered me to go to a house party. I really didnt want to make my way back into the crowded cafe so I left without saying goodbye and feelin a little guilty. later her sister phoned me and started acusing me of taking my friend's cell phone. It was real schock to me and I explained everything and found out that she left her phone on the table and somebody took it. now, i know i screwed up a little bit, but when she started shouting at me acusing me of being irresponsible and stuff I thought that it was too much. Cant she carry her phone in her jeans pocket? why should I watch over her all the time?

    I am really sorry about what happened, but I cant really do anything. I dont want to argue because we're really good friend and I dont want us to become enemies because of this accident. What should I do?!

    P.S. Sorry for spelling and grammer and for the fact that I didnt express my thoughts clear enough but Im in hell of a hurry.
  2. just appologize because there is nothing else you can really do. its not even your fault, not even alittle bit, your her friend, not her babysitter it wasnt your job to look after her OR her possesions. but if you want to keep her as good as a friend that she still is now id just swallow your pride and appolgize even if it isnt your fault.
    butttt if that doesnt work for yuh just remind her that she was drunk and everyone is a little forgetful when there drunk and shit happens.

    goood luck :)

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