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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Love&Space, May 15, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.
    So me and my friend just put up a little nothing website for our record label:
    Zombie Revolution records at

    As you can see, we aren't very good when it comes to web design.
    If anyone here has suggestions or could lend some help that'd be super great.
  2. Page isn't loading mate

  3. Sorry a minute ago I was working on it. I just published, it should load
  4. Try adding some margins, unless you want that crazy feel, then align some things to the right perhaps?
  5. I'm a web devloper (and a huge zombie nut, too bad your site isnt about them)... shoot me a pm if you need any help.
  6. Isn't bad at all for a first website, but it does need some structure. I would suggest downloading a css template structure from a website like : Faux Column CSS Layouts -

    It will make the site easier on the eye and make it appear more proffessional, keep us updated on your progress!
  7. If you would be willing to spend a decent amount of cash I could make you a reasonably professional looking website. With that website design you really wont be succesful that looks horrendous. I can't begin to tell you whats wrong this just needs all redone and easily read up on some web-design books/tutorials.

  8. I'm sure you could've given him a little constructive criticism, you know, being his first website an all. I'll bet any money your first website didn't look much better.
  9. I just did...give criticism. I notice he is way too new he needs to learn the basics/then proceed to advance.
  10. WTF is this? Firstly it not only is enough to trigger an epilectic fit, but I pressed 'do not click this' and had to exit my browser using Ctrl+Alt+Del, losing all my open tabs. I've never been on a less user friendly website in my entire life. :mad:
  11. it didnt crash for me it worked but god damn wtf where u thinking?????
    i made webLimeWire
  12. You could hire a web designing service online like where professionals will assist you in creating your sites

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