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  1. Your thinking was spot on, that fan should be more than enough , and having a sealed vented hood is a major upgrade from the el cheapo wing !

    Dont second guess that choice..

    Sealed Vented Hoods for the win , you bought the right thing, you just need to make sure its configured properly, and after that , If the fan is still not cutting it , I would suspect a fan problem.

    What is the fan specs, brand and cost?

    Did you get it from somewhere that will exchange it for a different one if its faulty?

  2. Possibly a Portable Ac?

    Craigslist a good place to check first.
  3. It's this one: 6IN VORTEX INLINE FAN 449 CFM

    I guess it's 449 CFM, I thought the box said 459CFM, but still.
  4. I actually thought about that, but I'm just not ready to dump another $500 bucks into this just yet. :eek:

  5. Thats a high quality fan , If you close up your passive intakes, and zip it up, that thing should be able to about "pull the paint off the walls" so to speak...

    It sas its Speed controllable, Im assuming that means you can hook a variable speed controller to it , so you can tone it down, but be sure to check there isnt a built in speed controller that is turned way down (I doubt thats the case)

    Vortex brand is good, and so is the cfm , just double and triple check your config , and seal up the passive intakes/zip the tent and then check temps..

    good luck !
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    Yes, if you open up the controller box, you can hook up an external controller to adjust the speed. It does not have any way out of the box to adjust the speed.

    I will tell you this. On the output side. I'm holding the ducting while it's blowing and I feel like I'm holding a fire hose. That thing has some output. I just don't feel much on the input side when it's going through the light. Go figure.

    I removed the input duct from the window so that it is sucking from inside the tent. I also zipped up the tent and closed up the passive vents. Currently it is 74 degrees in my tent, however the light is not on.

    I will have to wait four more hours for when my light comes on before I can update if this works or not. Keeping fingers crossed.
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    Sounds like your fan is good.

    So your now going to be pulling air in this order?

    1. from room (inside tent)
    2. through hood
    3. through ducting to fan
    4. out fan
    5. out window

    Then if you find that is working properly, you should be able to add the carbon filter to the other side of the hood with a short length of ducting , so the air will :

    1. from the room (inside tent)
    2. through the filter
    3. through hood
    4. through ducting to fan
    5. out fan
    6. out window

    Let us know ! I will be checking back.


    LOL PS : If its blowing like a fire hose out the exhaust end of the fan, then obviously its sucking like mule on the other end ! hehe
  8. If the ducting and room isn't air tight that kind of diminishes airflow as well, you need to make sure there isn't no rips/tears/air gaps to achieve maximum air flow.
  9. Whats Ambient Temps outside the tent in the room ??
  10. I want to thank everyone for the help. I don't know exactly what the problem was, but it appears to be working now. I'm thinking maybe the ducting I was using might have had a hole in it or something, because now it is most definitely sucking the sides of the tent in when it is running. I did shorten all of the ducting last night before I put it back together, so I might have cut out the part that had the hole in it.

    I have had the fan running for 12 minutes and the temps dropped from 85 degrees in the tent down to 78.3 degrees, and it appears to still be dropping. The temp outside the tent is a balmy 65 degrees.

    I may put the carbon filter back on today. It's really not needed yet as there is no odor yet.

    How long do you guys usually run your exhaust fans for anyway? I plan on adding CO2 at some point and I don't want to run my fans while I'm using that. I thought about seeing how long it takes for the temps to stop dropping and use that as a gauge.
  11. Can't you run at higher temps with CO2?
  12. I think you can, but I still wouldn't want to push it past 85 degrees. My plant was definitely not happy with me when my room was 85. It looks a lot happier now, but I have a pretty large temp swing. I ordered an environmental controller, to hopefully combat that, but it hasn't arrived yet. I also ordered everything for the Co2, but haven't received that yet either. I figured I wouldn't need the Co2 until flowering anyway.
  13. Nice. I'm having trouble with heat also. Let me know how the controller worked when you get it all set-up.
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    Yeah right now I have it on an appliance timer, but my timer will only allow me to set in half hour increments. So my tent will go from 82 degrees down to about 68 degrees and then climb back up again. It usually takes about an hour to hit 82. So I have it set for an hour off and a half our on.

    Now with my fan I can place the light closer to my plant. I have it about 12" from my plant, and in the last 24 hours my plant has grown 2". It is loving it now.
  15. Good shit man. I have my light turned down to 600w until I get the whole heat thing figured out. I'm going to drop it down a little bit since I have it at like 32'' for 1000w.

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