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  1. Im just looking to confirm a few theory as to how i could cool my lights with the equipment i have. i have a can 100 filter and a 10 inch max can fan and i was hoping to stand the filter up vertically connect a flange to it 12inch since thats the ducting size i have (long story fvcking craigslist) run the ducting to my 8 inch air cooled hood via a reducer and place the fan on the other side of the hood in order to suck air through the light and hood and exhaust it outside of the room ?
    so i guess im seeking to pull air from the room scrub it have it cool my lights then exhaust the hot air?
    im new at this so details as to how i hook up exhaust parts needed ect ect would be great and thanks in advance


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  2. you can put the carbon filter anywhere insode the grow sucking in or on tje outsode blowing air through it i have mine on the outside when i need it if i dont need it then i dont use it as it restricts air movement :)
  3. I think pulling the air would be more effective imo :)
  4. pulling air is most effective...placing filter at the top of the room gets rid of hot smelly air.....puting it on the ground does not. what your talking about is what i do.....filter>duct>hood>duct>fan>out
  5. hmm might pull from now on then :)

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