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Need Vaporizer Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Firefly1628, May 21, 2013.

  1. So i just got the Extreme Q vaporizer, and i wanted to know how fine should i grind my weed?? LIke shake, or more like a powder???? Please help!!

  2. Try both and see how you like each one. When I had a vaporizer I just grinded it up like how I grind up my bowls. lol
  3. Try to go for a shake consistency.
  4. IMO the finer you can get it the better, (more surface area to vape). What i do with my PAX is get the bud to a fine powder then pack the bowl tight and vape till i don't get great hits, stir vape again.
  5. I've read this a couple places but dont really known how true it is but supposedly grinding bud into a fine powder to vape is not the best consistency.
    There is a point that is apparently the "optimal consistency" and this is met by a grinder called the Zues grinder which is specificly designed for vapes (or so they say).
     So what you might do is try and find a pic of how fine the zues grinder grinds it up and guage it from there.
    Personally though I am a believer that the consistency is not that important I just grind bud to the consistency my grinder natural grinds it to. If you want to get really exact I guess you can but for the improvements you will get it just isnt worth the hassle

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