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  1. What's up blades, I'm not new to Vaping in general, (own a MFLB, and a Sigelei 150w) but haven't ventured much past the MFLB in terms of vaping flowers. I would like a good flower vape that produces better vapor than the MFLB, in terms of cloud size and taste...I'd like to spend less than $300, and still haven't decided on desktop/portable vape, because well, I don't know where to start with all the options! Can anyone point me towards some good desktop/Portable vapes


  2. Check out the Crafty and the Mighty. I have both and you can get bigger clouds than the Launch Box. I also have the Plenty, but I've yet to use it. Too busy using the Launch Box, Crafty, and Mighty.
  3. Ill definitely have to check that out, I have been out of the dry herb vape game for awhile(got my MFLB in 2012) and after a quick google that mighty looks MIGHTY nice.

    How is the build quality on these? My MFLB still works and is a lot cheaper, should I expect it to hold up for years like the MFLB did? If so it looks like I'll be getting one lol

  4. Nano or Underdog for logs
    Da Buddha for sturdy and reliable
    Evo for concentrates and big hitter
    Volcano for bags and classic
    Zion if you can wait but want to order before it goes commercial
    Grasshopper if you like to wait

  5. I bought an Arizer Air for around $160 on black friday to use alongside my mflb, and haven't touched the box since I got it. Great vaporizer, and if you can snag it on a deal it's way worth it
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  6. The firefly 2 is due out in March/April 2016 if you can wait. Some folks that have seen the pre-release model have been impressed with it.

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  7. You can get a desktop and a portable vape for about the price of a Crafty / Mighty.

    Check out Arizer Air for portability and Arizer Extreme Q for a desktop.

    Look around, each can be had for about $150-175 USA.

    Buying from a canadian website can get you a nice discount due to the currency conversion. Planetvape has about the best deal on an Arizer Air, but not sure about the Q.

    Check with Randy at puffitup. If you tell Randy you want to buy an Air and an Extreme Q he will price match.

    BTW, way way way way more vaporizer info over at Fuckcombustion.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Wow thanks for all the help guys! I mainly want to conserve buds because I smoke so much, cannabis shouldn't be making me cough up black so it must be the papers.
    I just finished smoking a half ounce top shelf in 3 days lol, if I would have some nice vapes it, I'd have a nice half of ABV to make edibles or smoke again lol.

    I'll look into all those options, and am leaning towards the airizers, but the new firefly sounds promising too if I can wait.
  9. Before you start looking into brands, consider what's important to you in a vape.

    You have a good start by stating that you are looking to conserve. That fact in and of itself will rule out some units as not all vapes conserve well.

    So what are you looking for?

    Example: for myself, I like a vape that conserves bud, and can be used with glass pieces, specifically bubblers and bongs because that's how I used to enjoy combusting. Plus it moisturizes the hit, and drys your throat out less.

    I do not enjoy whips, bags, or vapes that have fans. I also like vapes where the heat source is not on the bud the whole time. Only when I want to take a hit (conservation).

    Once you figure out what exactly fits your style, you can begin looking into units that fit the bill.

    The thing is no vape is perfect or, "best," for all people. But some will be perfect and best for you and your expectations.

  10. well I would like to conserve, but I'd be happy with 1g vape sesh because I normally roll 1 g joints or more and the 1g in the vape will go way farther. The MFLB won't hold enough herb for me to get a buzz, I have to change the trench a bunch of times lol, I would like something that has a big "bowl".

    Are there vapes like that?
  11. I may be late to the party, but I've used the MFLB and Pax before and I prefer the Pax. A completely full oven holds roughly .4g, and when I get about 2/3rds through one, it's enough to get me pretty high. If I feel like conserving, I can usually get 2-3 good sessions off an oven. I've had better luck getting big hits off the Pax than the MFLB, however the MFLB is more conservative. I smoked daily for 4 years, but you seem like you have a pretty big tolerance. 1-2 full trenches on the MFLB is honestly a lot for me.

    There's quite a long learning curve on the Pax though, and also it needs to be cleaned about every 10 sessions (which I didn't take seriously for about 6 months, and as soon as I cleaned it, it was the most beautiful device I've ever used).
    The MFLB is like a bowl equivalent of vaporizers, while the Pax is like a blunt equivalent.
    MFLB - Very conservative, smells less, cheaper
    Pax - Gets you higher and has potential to blow some decent clouds like you desire, no batteries/accessories to keep up with, but it has a long learning curve and can smell up a room pretty badly.
  12. The Arizer Air is so EASY to clean. Portable. I am looking at the Extreme Q for parties.
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  13. I'm actually selling a Crafty by Storz and Bickel if anyone is interested. I bought it at full retail, it has very low hourly usage logged, and is in absolutely perfect condition. Message me if you're interested. Thanks guys!

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