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  1. Hello everyone, im very scared for my plant! Yesterday when the lights went on she was drooping severly so i watered the usual amount (500ml) and in 30 minutes MOST of her perked right back up. For some reason the bottom and middle of the plant are doing find but the two tops of the plant are dry and curled and drooped. I watered another 500ml and there was a lot of water in the drainage tray afterwards.

    I checked on her just now when i woke up and she still looks the same. Just the two heads seem to be unhappy and the rest of the plant is just fine.

    Ive been told they may be drooping due to heat but theres is almost no heat coming from my cfls i cant see why heat would be a problem.

    I water every monday and thursday but now that its been 2 weeks flowering shes starting to get way more thirsty i think im going to have to start giving 500ml every 2 days now.

    Im really worried about this plant, all the leafs at the top are dry and im afraid their going to crack and fall off or something.


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  2. Just water and you'll be fine...
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    oh kerby you're so dramatic. ;)

    Stop overthinking the watering, water only when they're dry, and then water til 20% runs out the bottom.

    She'll be fine. :wave:

    She looks really healthy BTW other than a little thirsty.
  4. thanks for the advice. sorry if i seem dramatic this is my first grow i just dont want to screw anything up.
  5. Just remember, cannabis can be uber-resilient. It's a weed from the deserts of Pakistan, if it can grow in hard-packed dry clay, it can grow anywhere.
  6. Some strains are annoying. You pick up the pot then move it and the top leaves droop for 2 days. I see no signs of nutrient nor pH issues. No issues with heat nor watering/underwatering noticable.

    I had this one plant where if I brushed against it all the top leaves would droop instantly. It was the weirdest damn plant. Some plants just have quick hormonal reactions. Which is why you have to get to know each plant. Most fall under general guidelines but some can be oddballs. I think you just have a sensitive plant. LOL

    I would not adjust your watering because you want to keep the pots dry during flower. I think you might be creating problems that are not there because the plant is showing stress but for minor reasons.

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