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  1. Hey Everyone..
    So this is my first indoor growing.. I am growing 5 plants (2 wedding gelato and 3 Goriila ) in a 5x5 feet tent under a 600W HLG v2 light.
    I am now starting the 3rd week of flowering using the supercroping scrog technic.
    I sprayed water on the leaves after SUPERCROPPING the plants and switched off the light off after I was done...The NEXT MORNING I SPOTED some white traces/residue on some leaves...thinking that this could be the start of WPM, I didnt want waste time...I dissolved (by mistake) 1 tablespoon of Baking Soda instead of 1/2 a teaspoon in a 1/2 a.gallon of water and sprayed on the leaves..I repeated the process 3 times in 2 hours..The NEXT day all of the white traces were gone but now some dots seem to have appeared also OVERNIGHT on the leaves ,see pictures attached ,So my first question is :
    1- Do WPM appears suddenly overnight?
    2-Can u help me identify what is wrong with the leaves? Can it be burned by the excess of Baking soda I used or could it be leaf septoria?
    3-How to treat it?
    I Really appreciate any help

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  2. If problems started when you sprayed leaves, stop spraying leaves.
  3. It's most likely nutrients from the water left little burns on your leaf.
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  4. Thanks for your reply..
    So you think that might be from the excess baking soda I used when I sprayed the leaves?From the attached picture can u be certain that is is not septoria or any kind of fungus etc...and do u have any idea if those appear suddenly overnight?
    Thanks again
  5. I mean I cant garuntee anything but have you ever had actual nutes in the bottle. It looks like nute burn to me and since you just sprayed that would make sense that's the problem.
  6. Thanks man...I really appreciated it
  7. did you spray with the lights on? If you didn't dim or turn off the lights when you sprayed it's a very good chance it's burns from the spray.
  8. I did while spraying them lights full on before switching the lights off 10 min.later...beginner's mistake I guess..hoping that is it..I guess I will wait and see
  9. ive has pm before and ive used greencure and another time baking soda , too strong and yeah you get burn like you are seeing.
  10. The water from you spraying is what cause those little Burns like Watering your tomato plants when the sun is right above them, the little droplets become like magnifying glasses through the light and ends up leaving marks on your leaves
  11. well actually, the magnifying theory has been disproved. The damage is from the salts on the leaves. I can spray in full light. But the salts need to be be rinsed off daily, preferably with distilled water. It is easy for me to experiment with foliars on my mainlines, because I can spray an individual leaf without too much risk because I know it is going to be removed in a day or two anyway. My experiments are humbling me into thinking it is the spraying, not what is in the spray that helps. The spraying with distilled water discourages spider mites from making a home, and it washes off the pollution in my house created by the grower/smoker and possibly cools leaves? I have Lucky Powdery Bamboo Mildew to experiment on. Distilled water in a fine mist is starting to win a lot of contests around here.
  12. Thanks for your feedbacks ..
    Regarding the issue of PM that started all this,I had to spray today the leaves for the PM I am spotting..(not sure if it is PM or residue from dried water so I attachef a picture ) I sprayed this time with the lights off using 4 teaspoon of Apple Cidric in 1/2 Gallon of water..I will see if that works..

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