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  1. Heres the deal. I have 22 plants I am did all the work for growing that I was supposed to split with this woman. There was more, but several have already disappeared and I have specific people in mind that I know took them. Also several branches were broken off ect. Anyways I talked ot this woman and told her we need to at least pull whats ripe. From the beggining I've told her I'd do all the work and split it with her. I had a talk with her and we decided that it was time to pull the ripe ones and I owuld trim them all up. she kept talking about "all of us" sitting down and doing it together. I ran out and bought a trimpro table top because I was like fuck no, i don't believe that your doing to do any of the work and I straight up don't trust her roomates. She wants all of it to stay at her place and we came to a compromise that I would take half of what we pulled and then id bring it back to her place and trade it with her for some untrimmed shit.
    I just called her to confirm on the date and she went right back to "id feel better if we'd do it all here (at her place) because its better with "two sets of eyes" watching it. I need a solution fast.... and if you have something really good please pm me because i don't want this thread to get pulled. I'm at least 3k in to do this whole thing too. It gets worse. She tells me that shes not even going to be there and that her roomate will lock up the shed after I get done trimming it.
    If its all about her feelings and just saying FU to my compromise then I have a serious issue.

    Please give me some good serious advice.................
  2. this is a legit grow too... please get back to me
  3. well if you're doing all the work why don't u keep all of it. Just go up, grab ur shit and bounce back to ur place. you did all the work dude u shouldn't have to split shit with her
  4. I agree with taking all of what you put your hard work into. Sounds like this lady is up to some fishy shit. If you and her split the cost for the grow, you could flip some of your harvest and pay her back whatever she payed so she doesn't get anyone on your ass for taking the grow.
  5. This has certainly been crossing my mind. I think she's out of her mind. My other option is that I show up at her place 2 more morning and maintain my deal except I take slightly more than half to cover my costs (which we had already agreed on as well) whether its ready or not and tell her she can just deal with "her" half on her own. Thats my monetary and physical capital I put into it. I'm trying to think of how I can handle any situation in a respective manner. I'd still have to get up to her house, wouldn't be able to get my car past her gate. I don't want her to know anything until Im at least there. I'm supposed to be there 2moro morning and at least work on it....

    Maybe this will make more sense. If I took everythign that was ripe right now, there would still be close to half shes going to get out of the remaining stuff. SO I really think she s tripping.
  6. It's kind of like keeping my word, that was what I had agreed on before I did anything at her place.
  7. I paid for the cost of the grow... all of it. And all the work into it. There might be 20lb right now up there.............
  8. oh so if you don't wanna lie or anything then just make the rules.
    if she's trying to control things then she's trippin cuz ur really the
    one with the power in this situation
  9. Tripping? i'm full on flipping out man. I don't want to have to steal my own plants. I'm considering just claiming half of everything in the morning and make it clear why I'm doing that. This puts me in a bad sitauation because I'm totally unprepared to go there and do that 2moro. plus thats going to lots of plants that still need a few weeks.
    I only see one real option- go and tell her that we stick with our compromise or tell her I'm just taking my half now and that she is a full blown cunt. I don't want her to get all up in arms though. And I would have to bring someone with me and the only person I trust to do that is also someone that she knows.... fuck man, this is messy. I rent a room at my place to her son- which is where I met this crazy fuck from. I have a pretty good seeled room so he wouldn't know that it was in their drying, but he might catch wind of what went down and become as irrational as she is being. I feel totally boxed in.
  10. If you go there do you think something could physically happen to you?
  11. Is this a medical grow?
    Does your state have a growers organization that can help mediate between you two (and the son, if needed)
    Sometimes it helps to get in a cooler head to talk to people.
  12. It's something to look into. I found someone last night that might be able to mediate, so thats what I'm going to do as of right now. She doesn't know how freaked out I am at the moment. So I doubt she even realizes what the hell she is doing and I'm not worried about my physical safety- I haven't done anythign stupid yet. thats really what I've been avoiding so I can formulate a new plan before I do anything. I'm about to tell her we've got to and that I don't want anything cut until she gets back from her trip this weekend. I'm going to tell here that she needs to be there, not pass off keys to her roomates and take off for hte weekend.
  13. It is a medical grow. I'm just worried about how dellusional and irrational she's being. I don't trust that she won't do anythign stupid herself at the moment.
    I've even heard of police mediating stuff like this, but definately not in the county I'm in.
  14. Regardless of who paid for the grow and who did all the work, if you talked to this woman about splitting it then in her mind that is the situation (and probably should be in your mind as well). I suggest you take half the plants, give her the other half, then end it now by parting ways with her.
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    Wow.. So let me make sure I am on the correct path.. You paid for it, you grew it, and you are giving her half just for a place to grow when it is obvious some has already been taken?

    Thats crazy that she is being so demanding about where they are finished up when you are the one doing all the work to begin with and giving her way more than you should have initially offered.. Half of a 20lb grow.. You are losing more than you are gaining it seems like especially if you have already invested 3,000 into it.. This is one of those just goes to show you how people are kind of thread..

    Honestly when growing you can't trust people.. It is much easier to control a smaller grow than to make deals with others about growing.. It sounds like you, her, and her roommates know which is way more than an ideal situation.. Thats probably why someone has been taking parts of it..

    It all depends on the situation as to what I would do so this may not work for you.. If you cross her she could rat when your drying and get you caught or break into your house for all of it.. You also can't piss her off too much because what would keep her from just taking the grow for herself? I would ask her about her keeping her promised that you got to do everything.. If she still insists that you do it there I would ask her to reconsider you and her do it at your house because you have the trimmer or that she let you take your half and she keep her half and do it herself..

    If she decides yes to doing it at your house then you have settled your issue.. If she says no then I would take my half and do it at home and that she can do her half when she gets back from her trip.. I'd take my half and leave her with hers. Then I'd just tell her you wanted to help.. Here you go and let her harvest her half herself.. When she comes to you for help I'd say how much will my cut be from it? Shes trying to make sure you don't cheat her, but she is lucky to be getting anything at all and I don't think she realizes that..

    Whatever you do keep a cool head and think it out.. Don't get yourself in a situation you don't want to be in.. And next time don't grow with someone else.. You can't predict people and that is how good growers get caught..
  16. That was something that first crossed my mind. I was litterally going to go and cut the plants in half with half standing in the ground that she could deal with on her own- then I would part ways with her. I expect there to be some bad blood so to speak and I don't want to have to deal with anythign else more unexpected. Thats not ideal... but I realize that I may still come out with the a fair share (my cost, plus half + payment to myself).
    I called her up this morning instead of showing up and told her to hold everything, I didn't want to bend to her plan and I definately don't want the finger pointing she tells me that she is trying to avoid. So after she gets back from her trip this weekend I'll try again to reason with her (taking a trip right now?! annoying as fuck right?). I also have someone to go talk to her that I know she'll at least listen to and explain that she has no idea whats going on or how to handle it- Basically that she's over her head. Like its totally not going to work by her rules anyways because only part of the crop is ripe and she wants to just cut all of those and hang them in her shed- which is going to heat up to 100 degrees and its not going to be dark-- plus the fact that went out and bought this trimmer so I could get it done fast and save money on paying trimmers- which can only handle wet bud.
    My mediator has exceptional motivation to talk with her as well because he is going to help me and her sell the extra, and if she goes and screws stuff up its not going to be good for anyone invovled.

    The goal: complete my verbal agreement with her, keep things cordial, make sure everything is properly handled and don't get screwed in the process.
  17. My grower does mediation, and some patients are, indeed, totally batshit crazy. I'm sorry you are going through this.:(
    For future reference, you can demand a legal contract that spells out who gets what. Makes things a lot easier. One contact case has even been on Judge Judy
  18. crazy idea... DONT grow with other people.. by youself.. tell nobody/
  19. You went into a partnership this is the worst thing you can do with growing. All you can really do now is cut your losses you learned your lesson start a new grow on your own. Give her 50% of the crop because that's what you guys originally agreed on, 50% 50% NEVER TELL ANYONE ABOUT YOUR GROW DUMMY!

    I speak from experience I did the same thing for my first grow and ended up getting my plants stolen my house broken into and my 400 watt hps stolen.
  20. I've never grown, but I know people that I have and have helped them out.

    If you pretty much footed the bill, and grew everything, then it's ALL your shit. Just take it and straight up tell her that shit went missing under her watch and that's a breach of trust. If she has a problem with it, get some homies to help you out/or offer a slight monetary compensation and a few grams, If she still has a problem with it and you think she's going to call the cops or federalies, just disappear or if you want to get even (and the plants are at her place) kindly remind her that there is really nothing but her word to say that you assisted in the grow and that ultimately /she/ is in possession of the plants, not you. HINT-HINT "You know, it really smells in here, somebody is bound to NOTICE REAL SOON" aka the "take a seat bitch" approach.

    Just my two cents.

    Or you could scrap the grow and not talk to her ever again.

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