Need ur help. do i cut or not???

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  1. I have this easy-bud female growing, she is now a couple of weeks old (cant really remember exactly).

    She is growing in a small box under about 80w of CFLs ( i know this is not really suitable but i grow for the fun of it, im not really interested in growing loads of gear i just like the plant growing).

    the grow space about 24"x17" and 19" high.

    I have this one plant in there and im trying to grow her around the sides of the bucket so she spirals around the buckets and then into the middle.

    What i need to know is should i cut the auxiliary shoots to just leave the main branch???

    The aux shoots are thin and weak anyway, i know some will say that cutting these is a bad idea because the plant needs the light and leaves.

    If i cut these and leave the main branch there. will this provide one big cola along the main stem??

    I do not care for the small popcorn buds that grow on aux shoots but would like one big cola.

    will the lose of these aux shoots have a big impact on her growth?choice

    Is this a wise choice???

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    sorry wasn't thinking properly
  3. your plant seems to be growing beautifully.

    i wouldn't cut anything if i were you.

    maybe try tying the side shoots down to give the best light overall.

    i've never cut any of my plants until they were actually cut.
  4. yeah that will help but what im thinking may happen is some of the energy will go into making popcorn buds on these aux shoots which cuts down the amount of energy going into the main cola.

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