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Need University Advice

Discussion in 'General' started by webdesignnomad, Dec 22, 2012.

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    Hey Guys

    At the moment I just turned 20 and I am in a really big delima in my life at the moment. I started uni when I was 17 and was studying entrepreneurship (always been interested in business) and a degree in commerce. Since then I have only finished 1 year out of my 3 year degree and pretty much went travelling and started up a small business in all the time I had taken off uni.

    Pretty much I was on and off with uni. At the start of this year was when I started smoking weed everyday. I also became fascinated with other drugs and psychedelics. Since then, most of my spare time goes into reading about other drugs, drug harm reduction and actually understanding how they work on the body. Drugs have become a natural part of my life and I embrace it as I believe good can come from it.

    I am thinking about bailing from my current degree to start another one in Biochemistry and I believe I would love it as it would help me learn more about drugs, how they work to make some of em haha.

    You see the problem with me is I always change my mind often and start up new ideas to often and not follow through on existing ones. If I told my parents I wanted to do Biochemistry now, they would get pissed and tell me to stop changing my mind.

    I feel like it is something however I would well and truly enjoy and learn from. I am scared to make such a big change especially if I do not end up following through with it. If anyone can offer me some guidance it would be much appreciated. If anyone knows what kind of stuff I could expect to learn from it as well, it would be interesting to know.

    I just feel so confused...what do you guys think about my situtation in a nutshell?

    EDIT: On another note, anyone know what kind of course would be most relevant to studying drugs?

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