Need tric /harvest time info

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by akgirl, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Ok- lasty time I posted, I didn't get much response :mad:. Just loing for some education here.

    So.... my plants (violator kush) are about 10 weeks into flower. The've looked 'ready' to me for awhile- but I know just eough to be dangerous;).

    I'm using 600w HPS. The trics have been looking milky for weeks. I started to flush & after a week - nothing- and I was going out of town, so I caved & fed them (floranova bloom & cha ching). Still nothing real new going on as far as I can tell.

    Seriously- will they EVER amber up or does it sometimes not happen? The grower I got the clones from said they take 65 days to flower. Buuut, it dawned on my that he's using a different grow system, different lights & I suspect that affects the dating ofthe finish.

    Help me sort it out blades!:wave:
  2. Did the plant droop at all when watered? What are you using to check the trichs?
  3. If its been flowering 10 weeks its definitely ready, its a kush strain, 9 weeks should do it
  4. yep you should be pickin it cuz its probly not getting any better as tiem goes, but getting worse.
  5. Jellyman- no drooping. Nothing dying- just not doing anything new...

    Well, I guess I'll flush for a couple of days (the ppm is staying low, so I'm thinking after the initial flush, not alot of build up).

    And I'm using a 30x loupe, which i getting me a good view.

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