need translate for Dime, Dub, Tray, 8th.............

Discussion in 'General' started by katie, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. i need translate for those above or something i miss which same as dime, dub, tray, quater, 8th.............

    what are they?
  2. Try the search button in the upper right hand corner.
  3. there is too much to look, and cannot find it.....

  4. Take a little time to look through the results. You'll find the answer within 5 minutes. Also this forum is for begining growing questions..

    Edit: This has been moved to the general forum.
  5. ill halp you amounts of marijuana are usuely talked about in two ways, either by grams(decimals/whole numbers) or fractions of an oz. all fractions you here such as an eighth, quarter, half ect, are fractions out of an oz. ie. and 8th is and eith of an oz..get it? generlly you should pay around $25 for a commercial eith(medioker weed). then go from there(quarter is 50, half is 100, and a full oz is 200. these are generall prices, and they very by deeler, area, and most impostantly quality of weed. add about 10 dollers for good weed(usuely). Now, gram amounts, although used less on the street, are more important to know, since you can measure them on a scale, and decide wether you got ripped off or not(lol, we've all been there). a full oz is 28grams, and then go form there using what you knwo from fractions(ie. 3.5g=8th/7g=quarter 14g=half and 28 =oz..understand? now, as far as terms.. it used to be a dime was a bag of weed worth $10 dollers, however know, many street dealers will use the term "dime" or "dime bag" to refer to an eighth. ask, to specify. a bowls worth, is generally $5 and can be called a 5 bag, "nic" or bowls worth. a roach is a large joint. i cant think of anythign else, ask if you have more questions, hope that helps...PEACE!
  6. Let me dumb that down a bit.

    Dime=10 doller bag of weed.

    Dub=just slang for a weed sack i.e wheres my dub sack.

    tray=i don't really know more slang probly.

    Quater=quater oz of weed 7grams.

    8th=half a quater 3.5 grams.

    half=14 grams

    oz=28 grams
  7. just gonna give this a bump imo very important info to have for beginners( this info could have helped me out when i first got into smoking and buying weed)

  8. If you look back on all the posts from this user, you will see that I have helped her on most of her posts. Everytime I've helped has been through the search button and I've posted that as well as links.

    I don't mind helping, but when a users posts a question that has been asked many many times, I tell them to use the search button. In the case of this thread, I ran a search and had the results within 5 minutes. I don't think that 5 minutes was a life or death matter for this quesiton, lol.

  9. Some people aren't all that computer savvy.

    I know some people who could sit at Google for an hour and still not come up with what they're looking for.
  10. ya got half the story again people
    katie wasnt getting her point across very well at first, the grow mods are not mind readers. some of her first questions that were being asked had little or no information to go on. so in order to actually help her the only way was to point her in the right direction.(by searching) some of the other questions were answered in many many previous threads in the past.
    specially in the grow forums, its difficult to answer the same question 92 times. and space here is a small issue. (superjoint pays for this space, in our place) so its easiest to keep the grow forums without tooo many of the same multiple posts. thats all.
    im one of the most uncomputer savy people here....
    i searched for one of her questions, found it very easily and did my best to help her.
    she had four or 5 mods trying to help her.

    watch that thin ice told, damn the wathers cold :)
    and btw, katie is a little more computer/growing savy than she let on.
    there ya go my 9cents
  11. a dub is $20 around here which is just a gram.
  12. if id gotten bitten by a black momba, the very last place on earth id be doing was searching for a cure/antivenom HERE :D
    or on the internet at all for that matter....

    congrats on the getting lucky, told :D
    i got lucky too, but unfourtunatley it aint the same thing :(


  13. ..its whats important that matters! :D

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