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  1. Here's, the deal I have two beautiful girls chilling in my grow spot (beginning to flower) but the problem is they are only getting 1-2 hours of direct sunlight a day now where as at the beginning of the season they were getting 8+ hrs of direct sunlight. I see now that I've made yet another novice mistake in choosing my spot but I'm determined not to let this grow go to waste. Right now the growth has slown down dramatically and the lower leaves are turning yellow and falling off (slowly working its way up the plant) because of the lack of sunlight. And if they continue to get no sunlight I think they might die. I'm thinking about transplanting them into a portable container (Rubber maid or trash barrel) so I can move them to a better spot because literally 10 ft away from where they are now is a spot that gets about 7 hrs of sunlight a day.

    Has anyone transplanted a plant from the ground into a container? Is it possible? What would the recovery time be? Also some days it gets in the high 80's for temp. would the container heat up and stunt growth? Is the fact that the plant is in flowering a big deal? Tell me what you think, I need help!

    Here's a pic of them so you can get an case you can't tell they reach the top of my chest (I'm medium height)


  2. if your going to transplant the big of a plant you want to be prepared obviouslygte your containers full with soil set everything up then just keep them in the containers if you really want to save yourself the time . well hopefully i gave a little advice if it doesnt work im sorry but good luck to you and your girls!
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  4. transplanting from soil to a pot would be devasting on the plants. don't do it.

    instead, could you try and remove whatever is blocking your direct sunlight? like if its a big bush or something blocking it, trim it or just completely remove it.

  5. Hey Hitmanbob -

    I don't agree with you on this one..... The plants that are shown in the photos look to be about 3.5 to 4 feet tall and a lot of that height seems to be because they are reaching for sunlight. By the looks of those plants the root ball can't be more than 2 cubic feet. Dig up the WHOLE root ball and move the plant into a big enough container (10 or 12 gallon) with some more good soil around the root ball. Then put them in 7 or 8 hours of direct sun a day and feed and water well and I bet it would double yeild compared to just leaving them where they are - even this late in the game!!

    I do agree with this very much.... If moving them is not an option then this is a great plan. But be careful - when you start clearing trees and bushes your plants will get much easier to see and find. (more so right now when everyone (police, plant poachers, etc) are looking for flowering/budding plants!

    Kisses -

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  6. have you decided on what to do? if you dug it up did it work. Because im skeptical about it, but am in a similar siuation. Let me know how things worked out.
  7. yeah, I took hotbody's advice and transplanted 1 of my plants into a 22 gallon rubbermaid, it didn't hurt the plant what so ever and now it is growing better than before. Check my signature for pictures.
  8. just came across your post and notice your screen name is primo. wtf i am PREMO my real name what up with u?

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