Need to swap light schedule

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by motoxer, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. i am haveing heat issues in my grow box now that the weather has warmed up, one side of my grow box faces the south side so the sun always hits it and heats up the grow box, any way my lights are on durning the day and i need to swap it so they are on at night so i can run more watts, right now i am running 75 watts at 80 degrees. thats weak. so how should i change the schedule without stressing it to much. ime thinking about just doing a full 24 hour period of dark to swap, or should i do it slowly
  2. Are you flower? You didn't specify,if so, I believe longer dark period is the way to go,that's how I've been told to deal with power outages.But i have no first hand experience,hopefully someone with more experience chimes in.
  3. Add to the end of the dark cycle. If you run 8am to 8pm after 8pm add hours to your dark cycle till you want it to come on again. When it comes on set your timer to go off in twelve hours.
  4. Alright that's what I thought lengthen dark cycle instead of light cycle, right now it turns on at noon and shuts off at midnight, I want it so it turns on at 10 pm and shots off at at 10 am. Gonna do it today, hopefully I don't stress her to much....but hey, I have to swich sleep schedules all the time so why can't it!
  5. If you are in flower you can extend dark or shorten light but don't shorten dark.

    If you are in veg it's the opposite -- you can extend light or shorten dark but don't extend dark.

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