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need to study...please help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankdro, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. I have been studying for Bio exam (which is tomm morning) for the past 2 days, going over the material time and time again...(for anyone thats curious the tests covers Photosynthesis and Resperation)... The reason I am posting is because I am all studied out, I just cant bring myself to read it again. I didnt want to toke until after the test tomm. but do u think hitting a bowl will help? I dont mean im going to get blinded but just maybe a small bowl or 2 to help? think this will work
  2. honestly 420 how do i tell the difference... i got some bud right now, but idk how to tell
  3. I love to smoke a bowl before studying. Though sometimes I can't remember everything when testing.
  4. maybe I shouldnt then
  5. Actually, I do much better on tests when I smoke right before them. It's just when I've studied high and am not high while testing it can be a little tough.
  6. i smoked a bowl and Im reading over the material again....i think this will be the last time as the test is all multiple choice and I now know the material very well
  7. See, no worries, you had it down anyway.
  8. heh, i took biology in my freshman year of high school, i can't remember a damn thing. I was in honors too! got a 87 final grade. I never studied for a single test. Just remember c6H12O6 is glucose, haha...and something witht he calvin and light cycle, adenacine tri phosphate, nucleotides, gregor mendel, and root shit... rofl i guess i remembered some things...
  9. I am a sophmore in all of those things we dont really focus on anymore, but thanks lol
  10. Photosynthesis and Respiration, huh? If you're sick of the book's material, study marijuana growing. That'll tell you plenty about photosynthesis and respiration, and you'll be learning it from a differnet point of view, which will probably help keep it implanted in your brain a little better. :)
  11. thanks for the help, goin to take this exam in 2 hours, then lighten up a FATTY!!!
  12. appreciate it, will let you guys know what happened

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