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Need to sneak out to smoke! Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohhighthere2, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. I'm 18, live with my mom, my stoner dad is in cali. So I need to smoke tonight I picked up a eighth. She caught be before and today she is really suspicious. I can't wait till I move out but I cant how should I do it without her seeing me or waking up
  2. Theres a million threads on this already
  3. wait till she goes to sleep and quietely walk out door
  4. Make yourself a sploof.. get a pipe or make a water bottle pipe (or if you have a bong, you can use that also) and then just exhale the smoke through the sploof. That way you don't have to sneak out.

    If you didn't know, you make a sploof by getting the cardboard tube that toilet paper is wrapped on (without the toilet paper) and then put some bounce fabric freshener sheets inside (the ones that you use in the dryer when you do your laundry) and out one or two over one of the ends of the tube, and put elastic bands around it so it stays. Google it if your confused.
    What I used to do as a kid is I would wait until my parents went to bed then just burned out of my pipe and exhaled through my sploof through my window. NO smell whatsoever
  5. be careful if you plan on smoking in the house....with an open window you better know the way the wind is blowing because it might blow the scent in to the other room's.... or right out the window depend's...... id just sneak out or smoke in my room it depend's if you know your mom's schedule good enough and she dosent open your door and check on you before bed or in the middle of the night
  6. Dude it's YOUR house. How are we supposed to know how to get out of it quietly?

    Roofie her and send her my way. I dunno
  7. Depends on how you usually smoke really.

    Joint - Id say either hang out the window in the dead of night and just blaze up, you could make a bong like the guy said above but you might cough a bit if your not used to smoking one and that wouldd surely raise suspicions. Easiest option is just go out side.

    Bong or Pipe - Sploof, ghost your hits, or go outside.
  8. Smoke out your window? Climb out your window, pretend to be taking a shit and use air freshener and smoke in the bathroom.
  9. Dude you just have to find your own way around it. When my rents didn't know Id always wait til they went to bed and either:

    Snuck outside real quick


    blew it out my window

    Its not a question to ask others for help with. You need to find your own way.
  10. I mean I wouldn't smoke in my house because my room has a large amount of fabric (ie. curtains, carpeting, lots of bedding ect. ect. ect.) Smoking outside would be your best bet man. Use a pipe, sploof and bring out some cologne with you and spray yourself down before you come back inside. You'll be fine as long as shes asleep.
  11. I used to just hang out my window and smoke a bowl. If your really worried use a sploof and spray something afterwards
  12. Shes off work and works midnight usually and shell check on me every so often
  13. How do you not know how to properly sneak out of your own house? You're the one who knows all the ins&outs and little secret tunnels and shit. You should be telling us
  14. If you have to justify yourself walking outside in the night to your mother I doubt your over 18.
  15. Lol anytime i come on at the ass crack of dawn i always see one of these
  16. Just walk outside man
  17. I wouldn't smoke outside, it can be really sketchy. Especially if your mom is suspicious. I would do what was previously suggested, make a sploof and a bowl ( or a glass piece if you have one). I wouldn't smoke out of a bong though. They will stink up any room. Even with the sploof. I would either crack a window in your room with a fan blowing out, or go into a bathroom, preferably one that your mom doesn't use. stay high man.
  18. If youre smokin good ganj no matter what youre utilizing to smoke with its gonna reek, cept vaping

  19. Terrible suggestion. Absolutely awful. Outside is the best thing to do hands down. If you don't make it a tense situation its not. Just quietly walk outside with your bud and bowl, smoke, come back in, and your golden. When i used to live at home i thought that smoking in my room and blowing out the window would be better than going outside.

    Learned that lesson real fast. Honestly just go outside, and if you wanna be even more cautious, i would always change my clothes and brush my teeth/wash my hands and face (always a good habit anyway), then put all your stuff away and its smooth sailing..

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