Need to settle harvest dispute...

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  1. I need to settle a harvest dispute with a great friend of mine.

    He says this is ready for harvest:

    Imageshack - p1020506g.jpg

    I tell him no way! Two more weeks at least + 36 hours of darkness.

    Who is right?

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    Nice bud I haven't growed indoors and I assume this is but if it was mine I would try to let it tighten up a little more but it sure looks good though congrats
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    Mmm ... I think the first one to go n get a microscope wins ! nice bud !
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    I agree with you. But you should still get a scope and check the trichs.
  5. How long has it been flowering?
  6. June 15th is when it had flowers I technically "tripped" her about a week before but did not really care until i saw flowers.

    So she's at Day 55 - indica dom.

    I figure she is still pulling nitrogen from the leaves and i've not lost all my fan leaves yet so lil more time. No money for a way to get any closer to the trichs then this camera for the time being :(
  7. dude, no one should tell you how to grow and chop your weed. for one reason and one reason only. you are the only person that gets to decide what effect you want it to give you (and i guess your friends). for all i know, you "could" harvest it now. if you want it more strong you can wait longer. its your call btw and your buddies have no say in it. they didnt grow it lol. my friend tried to do that shit to me, i put him in his place lol. he tried to tell me how to grow.. when i already finished, so funny.

    i honestly like head high, so i probably do the chop chop earlier than most people would.

    but yea your bud looks amazing. ima JO to it.
  8. Still has more time.
  9. meh it was cloudy&a few amber ones i could notice today, gonna chop the top on the 14th and then let the lower stuff get more time. (picked up a little microscope)

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