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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JuckleJack, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I feel the need to rant because youtube has been pissing me off lately. My favorite subscriptions have not been showing up lately and youtube has done nothing to fix the issue. It feels like they're forcing these updates on us w/o any idea what's going on. You can't even contact youtube for support. It feels like they're saying fuck you we're going to do what we want and you'll deal with it. Obviously there's no easy alternatives to youtube if your following certain people. Anyways that's it, I feel better now.
  2. you can make it so you get an email sent to you when a new video is posted, but I think you have to go to each page and do it. also theres some new thing where you can get a text, its not part of youtube I dont think, motube is what its called I believe.

    Get used to it, man, it's their site and they can update it if they want to.

    I guarantee that in a few weeks you'll probably have forgotten the old Youtube layout completely anyways.

    The only reason you're irritated is because now you have to learn new things - once you have, you'll forget why you were so bothered. Youtube isn't going to do anything that's going to hurt their user base, that would be like stabbing themselves in the back.

    Give it time, and if you still can't figure out how to use a new feature or find an old feature you can always Google it because I'm sure someone else knows.
  4. old youtube > new youtube. i started disliking when they made you sign up for google too, which i have never, ever liked. fuck google, fuck gmail, and fuck the new youtube. :mad:
  5. the old youtube was so much better. i hate this left-aligned, inconvenient bullshit layout. i have to bookmark my subscriptions feed rather than the youtube homepage now
  6. Yo... I just want to say that IDGAF about this post. But, I hate youtube as well and I wanted to rant... But more so than youtube, Im about to walk out to the party, shit faced.. just got a bottle of vino again.. but this time Im going to the party proper.. Wearing no socks.. this is the key, the scent that will bring ghanja my way. Cheers.
  7. I agree with all of that, and let me add one more: Photobucket.

    I've been using it since 2007 cuz it was the easiest to use of all the image hosting sites, IMO. But recently they've "upgraded" it (cough) and it SUCKS. There are fewer images on each page and they took away the option of having all your images on one page.

    Plus it now takes one or two more mouse clicks to retrieve image codes than it used to. WTF, I hate these people who think change is always good. It isn't if you make your product LESS user friendly. :mad:
  8. Youtube was also filled with better content before, now it's mostly view whoring.

    I've heard tales and men who speak of other video hosting websites across the interweb, but I've never been to one myself.
  9. Also, fuck anyone who is not on GC right now viewing this thread

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