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Need To Pass Hair Test Tomorrow, Stopped Smoking 10 Days Ago

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kingsleymomma, May 20, 2013.

  1. #21 Kryptid, May 21, 2013
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    been here way longer than 10 minutes.. lol typical know it all.
    i think your probation officer stopping by your house for a checkup and looking into a closet where you have 15 plant growing for a *Hobby* will probably get him in a lot of trouble right?
    have you ever been on probation? you do know they can show up whenever they want tosearch the premisis right? if you are dumb enough to think that growing on probation is smart, i am wasting my time talking to a moron. do yourself a favor and put down some of that stuff you are smoking, trust me it is WAY WAY to strong for you to handle...
    also probation usually last for years there brah... you think this guy is going to be growing as a hobby for years and not want to smoke it or sell it for some profit before it all gets moldy?
    you would be better off starting a garden to pass the time. no way would i ever tell someone on probation that has a severe chance to get in a lot of trouble to start growing weed. especially in texas..

  2. I think we're both wasting our time. what I said was a suggestion. ever heard? I seem to recall u not suggesting anything. just trying to flame me because of my suggestion. if you're not here to help then just go. :wave:
  3. #23 Kryptid, May 21, 2013
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    i think my suggestion was way more down to earth and realistic than yours, that is all.
    no need to keep bickering, people have good ideas and bad ideas. it is up to the OP to pick and choose what advice is good and what advice will get him into more trouble lol.. i believe it is pretty obvious :smoking:
  4. Bleach your hair then go and take the test..
  5. Lol I just got a job and am a part time nanny, so I'm just going to stay away from pot until it is legalized in TX.
  6. They can detect back to 60 days back so fail man might as well takes some hits now.
  7. Your fucked

    Sorry I'm so blunt
  8. Yeah...I think it says in your hair longer then 60 days even...But theres things you can do i suppose. 
  9. I read part time nanny way to fast and got part tranny.
  10. Im with dude just buy as much weed as you can and a coulle boxes of rillos and enjoy. TheAnswer21 had a good idea even though you guys shut it down pretty quick. Obviously anyone on probation isnt going to be growing any plants on their house bt that doesnt mean you cant do a couple guerrilla grows to have some smoke when your off probation. I remember when i was on probation the only thing that got me through was being miserable. A couple plants in the woods couldnt have hurt.

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