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Need To Pass Hair Test Tomorrow, Stopped Smoking 10 Days Ago

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kingsleymomma, May 20, 2013.

  1. Okay, so I got arrested in September, and I got admitted to the pretrial diversion program (I'm in Texas). I didn't know I was going to be hair tested until ten days ago, so I immediately stopped smoking. I bought Clear Choice Hair Follicle Cleaner, and I was wondering a few things
    1. Has clear choice worked for any one else?\t
    2. What will happen if I fail my first drug test?
    Some other information: I'm 5'6, 130lbs, and have thin brown hair. This is my first offense and have never been in trouble with the law before. Anything will help! Thank you.

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    You'll fail. Detox drinks and special shampoos are just scams based on anecdotal evidence.
  3. so positive :D
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    It's sucks I know, but hair tests are virtually impossible to pass.
    Why were you smoking on a pretrial program anyways? You pretty much screwed your chances of not having a criminal record. If you fail this test, you will have to go back to court.
  5. The criticism is not appreciated. I smoked because I have a bulging disc between my L4 and L5 vertebrae along with sciatic nerve damage. I know I fucked up, but there is no need to be an asshole about it. I have been stressing about this continuously since I found out, and already came to the conclusion that if I failed suicide is the best option. So thanks for being a fucking dick head.
  6. Well I mean that's what you get sadly. If you lived in a state that features medicinal marijuana I would definitely (obviously) recommend that, but sadly Texas is one of those "other" states.

    Honestly there's nothing you can do. The hairs are like an in hanging record of what you've consumed in the last few months or so and they do NOT leave the hair until the hair itself is gone. So in short you are screwed.

    I hate to sound like an ass but have you considered other medication? Spinal problems could be pretty serious and id be surprised if a doctor did NOT provide some sort of painkilling prescription.
    People have used them on here and have worked.
    Check some other peoples threads, you might have to shampoo a few times, but it's unlikely you'll pass because you smoked 10 days ago. You can hardly detox in that time, let alone get it out of your hair follicles. 
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    That's what anecdotal evidence is brudduh. :p
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    Wasn't trying to be a dick, my apologies. It was simply a question of why you were smoking during pretrial. It wasn't my intention to offend.
  10. I've been on pain killers, muscle relaxers, you name it. Nothing has helped.
  11. I hate to be a downer to but you have like a 99.9% chance of failing. The best you can do is tell them that its not a drug and its legal on half the world and half our country and that it helps with your spinal problems, fuck idk dude.
  12. The only chance you have is if the hair test is not legally damning in Texas.  I know for some jobs a positive hair test will only mean a further test, like a urine test to see if you've been smoking more recently.  Since it stays in your hair so long it could be hard for them to tell whether or not it's still in your hair from before your pretrial.
  13. Well, if you're gonna be totally fucked for life by this, shave your entire body. Head, arms, face, pubes, armpits, legs etc.
  14. Thanks guys, but I dodged a bullet today. Turns out I was only getting processed for probation. And when I go to probation for the first time they are urine testing me so I will be in the clear. Thank The Lord.
    Right on brother. Glad things worked out.
  16. That sucks dude, your screwed
  17. ^^^^ this guy. read the damn thread.
    glad to hear u passed. now for the hard part. continuing not to smoke. get a hobby bro, don't ruin ur life just to smoke weed. grow some of ur own to pass the time.
  18. ^^^^this guy, haha sorry
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    did you just tell a guy on probation, "Don't ruin your life just to smoke weed" "Grow some of your own to pass the time!"  uhhh am i the only one that sees this as the dumbest advice ever given?
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    yea. if u can grow ur own to pass the time ur on probation, or at least still on random drug screenings, it will make ur high even more enjoyable by the time ur able to smoke it without endangering ur well being (i.e. going to prison). makes sense to me. but hey, you've been a member for 10 minutes, so what's ur idea?
    edit: it is also a constructive and useful way to relieve stress while passing the time. and when your done you get to smoke it.

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