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Need to pass drug test!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by knicks721, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I am going to have a drug test (urine test) in about 2 and a half or more weeks. I am a pretty heavy smoker in that I smoked almost everyday (.25 - 2 grams) from september 2010 to the end of january 2012. I stopped in all of february and up until the 7th of march. From the 7th to tonight (11th) I have smoked about 4-5 grams. I am wondering what my game plan should be so that I can pass the drug test. I am not entirely sure, but the test may be sent to a lab.
    Right now, I plan on stopping immediately and start running on an elliptical for 30-45 minutes everyday for the next however many weeks until the test. Also, I will be drinking a lot of fluids. I'm not too big on trying niacin or dilution; I'm just thinking that a good amount of exercise and water for at least 2 weeks should be good.

    What do you guys think??
  2. Just don't smoke anymore. You'll be fine.

    Just drink a LOT LOT LOT like 2 hours before the test to dilute the ppm of your urine
  3. drink alot, excersise but not 3 days before!!!!, about 2 days before load up on creatine and drink even more. Or get a urinator and blow a bowl the morning of your test they work great but cost a pretty penny. I had to invest in one though being randomly tested at my last job.
  4. Thanks for the help guys. So this test is going to be during a sentencing. I was told that the judge would have me take a drug test and then sentence me to probation. Based on this, I'm not sure how they're going to test the sample (lab or some other way), but I guess stopping now and exercising should do the trick.

  5. From experience, you can still smoke if you wanted to. Technically, you're not yet in "trouble" so you can fail your drug test. However, the smart thing to do would be to get clean so that you pass and the judge takes it easier on you.
  6. yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. Since this was my first time being caught, I have a high chance of this case not being a part of my public record, however, if I fail the initial test, the judge could very well take that option away...
  7. I have a DT coming up, so I've been picking my friends brains about how long it takes to get clean. One of my good friends (who probably smokes 5 times a day every day) told me it has never taken him more than 16 days to piss clean.

    He said he just went swimming for about an hour on days he had time and "drank a lot of beer" haha. If you stop now, eat well, maybe try a couple tricks you read about on the forums, and exercise you should be good.
  8. You will pass pretty much guaranteed providing your not like 300lbs,Drink alot of water just to be sure. Saunas are also very good leading up to drug tests. You probably dont even need to pass though lol
  9. Yeah, you've got time so you should be fine. People overestimate how long drugs stay in your system. If you were to not do anything special and test chances may be nothing would show up. But definitely play it safe and take the advice and you'll pretty much be guaranteed to pass.
  10. Nice, it looks like I should just keep with the routine I have planned out. I'm going to get one of those CVS drug tests after about 2 weeks and try it out. How accurate are those drug tests against tests sent to labs? Thanks again for the help everybody.
  11. Water water water. Cranberry pills and try and sweat a lot. The cvs drug test are legit. Read the directions before you do it
  12. It will say what they can detect on the package (a particular concentration like 5ppm or something, its been a while since I've seen one).

    You would have to find out what a "pass" is on your actual DT and compare to your test kit. If your actual DT requires 0ppm in your blood, a 5ppm test kit won't be as accurate as you want it to be (you will just know you are close to clean). Whereas if you can still "pass" your actual test with 10ppm and you can pass using your 5ppm kit you could be extremely confident that you are clean. I hope that made sense

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